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    mx, surfing, sky diving naked
  1. ruddergomes

    FMF Powerbomb header

    Can't you just re-work th eheader pipe into the position of your choice?
  2. ruddergomes

    Man was I off.

    :blah: :p
  3. ruddergomes

    Checking Tranny Juice...?

  4. ruddergomes

    missing gears!

    lever adjustment for sure
  5. ruddergomes

    ? sweaty helmet x 3 days...

    -quit riding -take up tennis -move somewhere with colder weather
  6. ruddergomes

    Man was I off.

    I was there when he got hurt, he totally squidded his way off the track quit being a girly mon,
  7. ruddergomes

    Could RC win on a KTM?

    is this really a thread....
  8. ruddergomes


    yeah, like where, tried looking for some KW goods, couldnt find anything on here, what am i doing wrong bro?
  9. ruddergomes

    Anybody in So. Cal..........

    cut the old seals in half, place them up against the new seals and slam that beotch down to hell, they seat perfect every time...
  10. ruddergomes

    Best Oil?

  11. ruddergomes

    Problems with FMF titanium 4

    I had a problem with my silencer wearing a hole in my mid pipe. The mid pipe was under warrnaty so i got a new one
  12. ruddergomes


    ....know where i can find the Kibble White Spring Kit online? I already have the KW valves, but I just learned that I also need the spring kit to go with the heavier KW valves. Any help is appreciated. Rudy
  13. ruddergomes

    What/who is MDK Motorsports??

    good question, i often wondered the same thing...
  14. ruddergomes

    Does R.C. have a woman??

    she really isnt that goodlooking, she kinda looks like his older brother...
  15. ruddergomes

    elsinore track after a rain?

    Don't go to Elisnore after a rain, that track stays so damm muddy for like a week. Gotta remember that track sits on a dry lake bed.