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  1. FFChad

    piped yfz, need help jetting..

    I'll try that... thanks
  2. FFChad

    YFZ 450 Electrical?

    Its good to hear from a fellow fireman. I have heard of it, and thinking about it. I was told to contact Trinity Racing, and they could steer me in the right direction. Hope this helps.... FFChad
  3. FFChad

    piped yfz, need help jetting..

    I have a Dyno Jet needle in there now, It's in the third position from the top. Still Need Help! Thanks FFChad
  4. FFChad

    piped yfz, need help jetting..

    I have a adjustable dyno jet needle in there, its in the tird position from the top. still need help. Thanks Chad
  5. I have a 2006 yfz with the HMF bill Ballance Pro series pipe, K&N prodesign filter with the airbox lid off, Needle in third position from the top, 175 main jet ( tried a 165 also), fuel screw out 2.25 turns, a 48 pilot jet. After warm up bottom end is good, but mid is real boggy, and it shoots flames out the exhaust (with spark arrestor in) about 1 foot. any suggestions will help. Thanks
  6. FFChad

    carb slide help 06 yfz

    I just changed my needle yesterday( still trying to get the jetting right lol). On the 2006 theres a plate on the very topside of the carb with two allen bolts. Take them out and remove the kind-of a T shaped plate. Right in the center you'll see a silver allen head ( looks like a set screw). Take that out and your needle will be right there. Becareful not to lose the spring thats attached to the allen screw. Hope this helps Chad
  7. I just put a new HMF Bill Ballance Exhaust on my 2006 Yfz 450. I have the exhaust, K&N Pro Design,175 main jet ( tried a 165 also), 48 pilot,airbox lid off, and the mixture screw 2.25 out. Its backfiring and throwing flames out the exhaust. Any info will help. Thanks Chad