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  1. husqvarnaSM610

    Husky Passenger Pegs

    Sent you a PM. Drop me an email and we can get this thing going if interested.
  2. husqvarnaSM610

    So. Cal. Huskies

    Oceanside Aprila Ducati is a nice store. Tim is the sales manager and a very nice guy. I'm more than sure that if you went to him he could take care of you. It all comes down to what you are willing to do to get the bike. Drive long distances, pay higher prices..................... It's all up to you. I do know that I have bought 2 bikes in a year from tim and I would definately go back to him for another.............. Good luck and enjoy what you buy.
  3. husqvarnaSM610

    SoCal Dealer - Oceanside Ducati Husky "MotaliUSA"

    Bro--- I got the same feeling from those idiots when I walked in there myself. I was looking for jets for my SM610 and the idiot did the same F-cking thing to me. Only I was able to correct him before I bought anything. I figure if somebody spends 7-8 large for a bike there f--king parts department should atleast know whats hot and new for what they sell. On a good note, I was able to put 100 miles on the bike this past weekend. Road Palomar a couple times and finally got the break-in done on the motor..... Now it's time for some oil and filter and lets see what she will do.....................