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  1. drdanbozeman

    18 gas gas msrp

    I could be older than you? I just picked up a 2018 GasGas Contact 250 ES. About 160 pounds,very easy starting. It’s definitely not an enduro but I have no worries going up gnar hills and into tight terrain. Fun bike and perhaps something to consider i have checked it over closely and the build quality seems good
  2. drdanbozeman

    Skid Plate Recommendations for Street?

    I've got the Moose. Solid, durable, quiet, and it slides off off rock or concrete much better than aluminum
  3. drdanbozeman

    Shorty clutch & brake levers

    I received the levers a few weeks ago and the bushings a bit later. I was going to install them today, but even though I ordered (from Amazon) the levers for the 250L, the package says, and I quote - Neverland CNC CRF450R 02-08. I only tried the brake lever and it was very different than stock. Here is a pic... Do these really fit???
  4. drdanbozeman

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    I removed the control nipples and used duct tape. Works well to keep the controls and levers where I position them
  5. drdanbozeman

    Shorty clutch & brake levers

    When I ordered the bushings they quoted a June delivery date, but they actually shipped the next day. So unless they are shipping on the slow boat from China, I expect them next week
  6. drdanbozeman

    Shorty clutch & brake levers

    Thanks for the suggestion - I ordered a set of the levers plus the bushings
  7. drdanbozeman

    Shorty clutch & brake levers

    I have upgraded the clutch on the 250L with the EBC friction disks and springs. The clutch pull is easy, not hydraulic easy but easy as in 2 finger. On the brake side I never use more than 3 fingers. I would like to get shorty levers and both MSR and Moose make shortys. My excellent local parts shop guy say they fit the R models, but most likely not the L models due to dual sport peculiarities. Does anyone know if these shortys will fit the 250L, or have you fit them to the bike with lever modifications? If no one has installed them, I'll just cut the stock levers to the length I want - doesn't look as nice but it works, as I did cut my WR450 levers down and had no issues.
  8. drdanbozeman

    Just Bought a CRF250L

    I agree totally. I upgraded to the EBC kit and springs as well, installed it last week. After several rides I can say it works much better than stock, especially solid engagement. Two finger pull is easy, but I would really like a shorty lever. Both MSR and Moose Racing have one, so which will work on the CRF?.
  9. drdanbozeman

    2017 250 contact

    Disclaimer- I have not owned or ridden one I checked out the Contact 250 at dealer in Albany, Oregon. Salesman was very experienced trials rider as he ably demonstrated while showing the bike. He said it is a 2010 TXT Pro with a seat. If you plan on riding trials it's a great bike for the price. If you like to sit plan on modding the seat, hard and narrow. I was planning on purchasing the bike, but got sidetracked by Sherco X-Ride
  10. drdanbozeman

    Baddad's 2014 250L - Modifcations Complete

    Hey Evan D Is the msr shorty clutch lever what you have? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/msx-34-1966?ibanner=MobileSwitchNo
  11. drdanbozeman

    Removing clutch side cover/Clutch upgrades

    I'm ready for clutch upgrade. I like the easy stock clutch pull, so you think the upgrade with Barnett springs is pretty light? Be nice to have better feel for slipping clutch when needed off road as well. Comments?
  12. drdanbozeman

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    I recently installed a MT43 on the rear and put in a Tubliss kit. I also air down for off road, can go to 5 psi without slime, and punctures are repaired with a tire plug.
  13. drdanbozeman

    CRF500 Rally Coming ?

    The dry weight of a KTM 690 Enduro R is 309 pounds and it works as an adventure bike. Does an ADV bike need to be heavy? As long as build quality and reliability is good, I would choose to have a lighter bike. If you are riding off-road you are going to need to pick up the bike; just the nature of the game. A popular ADV bike like the BMW R1200GS weighs in at a portly 448 pounds without added gear. Personally I would not choose to have a bike that heavy for ADV riding. To each their own...
  14. drdanbozeman

    What size for a rear Trakmaster II on our bike??

    With bike upright measured 27 inches to top of tire from floor. Tire was at 20 psi if that matters
  15. drdanbozeman

    What size for a rear Trakmaster II on our bike??

    Sorry - it was on page 214. Looked like the Google bit did the job... And when I corrected the tire height measurement for parallax, it was closer to 4 inches