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  1. SJake32

    Rmz Stock Fat Bar Bend

    I'm looking to replace my stock fat bars with some Renthall twinwall bars. Does anyone know what the stock bar bend is?? I've called a few shops and looked all over the next and cannot find it.....
  2. SJake32

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    I read on another post that the $600 one and the $1,000 dollar one weigh the same. Seems like there has to be something different other than weight. A few ounces in deifnatly no worth a few hundred dollar difference.
  3. SJake32

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    I'm definatly getting one, but which one is the best? There is a huge price difference... $400 - no carbon fiber $600 - 1/2 carbon fiber $1000 - All carbon fiber The weight difference is very minimal, so what does the the extra money buy you? I haven't seen any information about which one works best. Does anyone know the difference? Great to see K-dub with one on the podium!
  4. SJake32

    tapping from engine on 06'?

    I have the same tapping noise and there is nothing wrong with my bike at this point. My friend just bought an 06 and he has the same noise too. I don't think it is a problem.
  5. SJake32

    Burnin' Oil

    Alright, I'm checking back in. I just went out to the dezert and rode all day saturday, about 5-6 hours total seat time. I burned about 150cc of oil. How about everyone else, are you all burning this much oil each time you ride? It seems like a lot. Does the oil type have anything to do with it? I'm running Torco T-4 (petroleum base). I need some feedback to feel good about how the bike is running........
  6. SJake32

    Test drove a new RMZ450 have questions?

    knocking is normal. got mine for 6k OTD in so cal. good luck.
  7. SJake32

    Burnin' Oil

    Didn't start it. I pulled the oil check bolt and oil flowed out.....and I assumed that by adding 1500cc, I was "topping it off". I had to add 200cc to get the same flow of oil out of the oil check hole after I rode as I did right after the oil change. I think I'll start it next time after the change and see what happens.
  8. SJake32

    Burnin' Oil

    I did my first oil/filter change last weekend (put in 1500cc of oil) and I rode the next day. I checked the oil level when I got home and it was low.......200cc's low to be exact. I rode the bike hard for about 2-3 hours and have about 7-8 hours total on the bike......is this normal? Is anyone else burning this much oil on every ride?
  9. SJake32

    TDC without removing head???

    Is that TDC on the compression stroke?
  10. SJake32

    TDC without removing head???

    what about the first check, how long did you wait until you first checked it and how much slack was there? I've got about 3-4 hrs on my bike and I'm wondering if I should check now......I don't want to if the slack won't show up until 10 hrs. though.
  11. SJake32

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    I have about 3-4 hours on my 06rmz......should I adjust the cam chain now or wait a few more rides?? When will the slack start showing up?
  12. SJake32

    TDC without removing head???

    What about removing the TDC plug....adjusting to TDC per the manual and then tensioning the cam chain. Will lthat work?
  13. SJake32

    TDC without removing head???

    I was going to adjust my cam chain and I was thinking about removing my seat, tank and head.........there has to be a better way. I am assuming that the only reason to remove the head is to view the cam lobes and ensure the bike is at TDC. Since the cam chain adjuster is on the outside of the motor, it seems like it is pointless to take the bike apart if we don't have to. HOW CAN I FIND TDC (AND KNOW 100% I AM THERE) WITHOUT TAKING THE BIKE APART......
  14. SJake32

    filter cage

    Can the cage on the stocker be salvaged if I remove the screen or is it no use, and I should just plan on buying a new one??
  15. SJake32

    oil change question

    How many CC's if I only do the oil only and no filter??