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  1. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for all of the information. The Kibblewhite valves and springs that are on my current head have less than 20 hours on them. So, I was planning to re-use them.
  2. I currently have an '05 250F that needs a head. I have ran across a few posts that mention putting an '06-'08 head on the '04-'05 engine. I couldn't seem to find too many details on this though. From what little I have gathered, it looks like they improved the ports and the valve seats on the newer head. Is this correct? For those of you who have done it: Is it a direct swap? What differences have you noticed? At this point, I am planning to order an OEM '06-08 head and Hotcam cams. Would it be beneficial to replace the cam chain and tensioner while I'm in there? Anything else that you would recommend? Thank you for any information.