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  1. Wow thanks a lot for that tip, good idea!
  2. that was way sick! thanks for posting
  3. I don't know about all boots but I know my astar tech 10's are made for knee braces and it all fits perfectly in the boot...
  4. haha thats way cool, nice ttr how do you like the forks?
  5. step up at elsinore, I don't have any pics but Ive heard it might be as big as 140ft
  6. Awesome track!
  7. hey I just started running my 80 forks but I had a few questions. First, the cap on top to let air out is that supposed to have air in it or not? I know on big bikes theres supposed to be no air but I didn't know if these were the same. Second, what oil should I run in them. Lastly, how hard is it to change the fork seals and how long will it take? thanks
  8. nice so my fenders must be modded cause they are scratched to hell. Same with my bars. Hopefully I make more when I sell it
  9. yep stock is 38 80 and you should bump it up to 40 85 if you run the filter and pipe, I have my air scre 2 1/4 turns out but your might need different..
  10. thats what I remember too...
  11. its never going to stop
  12. well I water first so the tractor digs right in the dirt, then I scoop it up and put it where I want it haha. Just build bonzais if your building with shovels just like bicycle jumps
  13. It is an 06 but is literally brand new, its been ridden twice. It has pipe, graphics, and airfilter. Thanks
  14. no you don't need to order new cases, or at least try everything before that, because that is expensive, how big of a chunk of the cases pulled out of the motor? If it is small you could just throw that peice away and just run long bolts, it won't sit flush but I bet not all the bolts arent stripped, so 2 or three good bolts will be plenty especially if you can get the other two threaded in...
  15. yeah you can put almost twice as long of bolts in the cases so the pegs don't rip out of the motor. My friends ripped out because he didn't have longer bolts.