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  1. Beautiful shots Dave, but remember I took one of them (after you set the shot up and handed me the camera to press the button) Its going to start to get cooler and moist soon, so let me know when you're up for a ride. I've been busy traveling with work and doing street and track stuff, but I'm anxious to get out in the dirt again!
  2. Crap Dave, if I hadn't beat myself up doing yardwork from dawn to dinner, I would have been up for that. On another note, I got the new suspension back on the bike and just from seat of the pants riding around it feels much more plush. Lowering it 1" makes a HUGE difference as well. LTR does nice work and Les made sure I got just what I wanted. Drop me a line next time and I'll go for sure!
  3. Manager with GE Healthcare. We make all the stuff to see what you broke while riding. Imaging equipment like MR, CT, XR. Anything that can take a picture of your innards
  4. Great to hear Kelly. I just sent my forks and shock to Les last week for complete revalving, setup and lowering 1". Can't wait to get them back on the bike and try them out! By the way, nice meeting you at the Black Dog. I was the guy with NW Scout. Bob
  5. Forks and shock are at LTR for a complete revalve and lowering 1". Les was great to talk with about what I needed to get done. Now I just need a softer seat and I'm done! Thanks for all the input and I'll post impressions after I get them back and get them installed. I have to head to Hawaii for the week for work, oh darn!
  6. Is that LTR in Washington state? http://www.lt-racing.com/services.html I like the idea of going to a local business and hopefully I can get pretty quick turn around. I'll give them a shout and see what they can come up with for me. Thanks for all the feedback.
  7. Thanks for all of the input. I think I'm going to start with the simplest idea first and just do some seat work to get a little more of my feet on the ground when on the bike. Step two will be to get the suspension looked it. Its not unridable at all, but I do often run into spots on trails where I would normally be able to get a foot down and I just hit air, which is not a good thing! I'll take a look at the sticky. Thanks again.
  8. Its funny that the first hill climb doesn't look slimy at all in the pics. I guess all of the bikes backed up would be a little bit of an indication
  9. Nice job as always Dave That's why I don't bother to stop and take pictures when I ride with you! Looking forward to some more! Bob
  10. I've read a boatload of old posts on lowering and have a basic question. If you had a choice between having an outfit like MX-Tech custom tuning the suspension to lower it approximately 1" or getting the lowering linkage which goes down approximately 1.5"'s, which makes more sense? I'm not really concerned about the cost, I just want to lower the bike, but not sacrifice anything with the handling or suspension of the bike. Does anyone have actual experience with MX-Tech and do you know what their turn around time is for something like that? I plan on giving them a call on Monday anyway, but was just curious. I'm 5' 11" but have short legs and the bike is just a tad too tall for my taste. Its relatively new, but I sat on a friends that was well broken in, but did not feel much difference. I think an inch would make a big difference. Anyway, opionions and advice would be appreciated!
  11. Thanks James, I will definitely check them out!
  12. James, I had a great day as well. It was really nice to be able to concentrate on riding and to have you navigate the way.....with help from Dave of course It was a great ride, bit I think I'll stick to my Tuono for canyon carving on pavement! Lots of great trails and after the morning sliminess (don't know if that's a word?) The late morning and afternoon trails were awesome. Can't get enough of those fast technical single tracks, but I can do without slimy hill climbs and downhills! Guess it's all in the technique Hope to see you again out there!
  13. I'm not even going to post any pictures I took Dave. You're too good at your job, plus you actually stop to take pics! James, it was great meeting you and thanks a million for leading the way and navigating. Hope we didn't make you wait too often! I had a great time, but man is my butt sore. Time to invest in a seat transplant! It was great riding with both of you and can't wait to see the pics Dave.
  14. Never mind, looks like someone removed the file?? Too bad, it was pretty good!
  15. I posted this in the Black Dog Thread, but some may have missed it. I thought it was good enough to give it another shot. http://youtube.com/watch?v=CcAf2LY-kPM See whoever is at the Black Dog tomorrow. I'll be there with NW Scout and many others. Red Tundra, Red Husky and White EZ-Up.