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  1. d36yzrider

    2003 RM 250 Cylinder replate, sleeve, or bore

    Exactly I know better too just was trying to be cheap and now look where im at. the piston dome was white around the edges and the front ring melted anyways its already sent off for a cylinder replate exchange hopefully it gets here fast
  2. d36yzrider

    2003 RM 250 Cylinder replate, sleeve, or bore

    the 03+ RM250 is a copy of the yz. its a old trick running the YZ racers choice in the RM have been doing it for years with no problems
  3. d36yzrider

    2003 RM 250 Cylinder replate, sleeve, or bore

    the piston that was in the bike was a yz250 Wiesco racers choice single ring piston. it was on a deep sand track today and it had just rained so the extra load might have just been to much and for the premix im running redline at 44 to 1
  4. Today my 03 RM 250 started making a rattling noise during a hare scramble and by the second lap the motor bogged out and I was done. It has almost no compression so I'm assuming the ring and piston came apart and the cylinder is probably scared too. Anyways what are my options from what I understand its a nikasil cylinder so it cant be bored or honed its I can either have it replated or a new sleeve pressed in whats the cheapest route. btw I change my top end every 6 to 8 months and inspect everything so I guess I just had some bad luck this weekend
  5. Was wondering if anyone has built a r304 shorty s/a I have seen it done once or twice curious if anyone knows what parts need to be ordered to make this work
  6. d36yzrider

    93 yz250 cylinder

    My girlfriends cousin has a yz250 he blew up it needs a new piston and the cylinder is pretty scared. from what he told me it cant be honed or repaired but isnt the 93 a steel cylinder that can be bored to the next size up? Anyways I was also wondering what year cylinders fit the 93 oem ones are no longer sold new so was wondering what used ones are will fit.
  7. d36yzrider

    clear creek/woods ranch

    Rode there yesterday (tuesday) no problems but the blm was out there with a backhoe doing something so I stayed away lol. Staged from a flat spot just above new Idria conditions were great
  8. d36yzrider

    California clear creek/woods ranch

    Sorry for beating a dead horse but with the recent clear creek news of it reopening to hikers does that mean they will have rangers there now? I currently ride around woods ranch and might get lost and end up on blm land should I be worried about getting a ticket from what I was told the blm had lost funding to patrol the area because nobody was there
  9. d36yzrider

    2005 rm250 problems

    sounds like a shift fork problem something got tweaked Suzuki has always been known to have weak clutches and trannys
  10. d36yzrider

    just boght 06 rm250 need opinions on flywheel weight

    I just put a 6oz on my 03 and it feels just right took the sudden burst and smoothed everything out without loosing any top end if your looking for a little more go with the 8 or 9oz
  11. I have a 03 RM250 that has a fmf gnarly pipe, turbine core 2 silencer, a top end thats a few months old and my bike sucks way more fuel than the other 2 strokes I ride with this weekend trail riding I had burned thru 3/4 of a tank and the other bikes had over half still im not sure why its such a gas hog I have it jetted with a 45 pilot, 165 main, clip in the 3rd from the top and air screw at 1.5 turns out. If anyone can help pleas do
  12. So I lost 1st thru 3rd gear on my 06 yz450 bought a working transmission off ebay with everything shift fork drum ect. anyways replaced it all reassembled it and once I click it in gear it is stuck in that gear if I pull the shift pawl out I can shift thru all 5 gears fine with a ratchet but it wont do it from the shift shaft not sure what I did wrong? I have the factory owners manual everything on that side seems fine could one of the shift forks be in the wrong spot on the drum?
  13. d36yzrider

    2006 vs 2009 yz450f questions...

    06 was the best year for 06-09 the 07's were very close the 2006 YZ is the most aggressive motor they started trying to make the bike more rideable every year after. and in 08 they added the shorty muffler. just remember if u get the 09 your gonna have to buy a full system to fix the exhaust problem.
  14. d36yzrider

    06 yz450 wont shift down from 4th

    yes the shaft is in good shape and It has a new shifter also. it shifts down but wont go all the way down from 4th to 3rd
  15. the other day at the track going into a corner my bike would not shift down from 4th gear it will shift up to 5th but wont go down im not sure what it could be I have heard shift pawl so im checking that tomorrow if anyone has any idea what else it could be let me know thanks.