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  1. I have a '05 X with stock clamps bars etc. on it. EVERYONE I have spoken with about steering stabilizers swears by them. So..I think I need to bit the bullet and dough up and purchase one...so I was curious what type of setup people have on their X's. I am 5'9 so I am pretty comfortable with the height of the stock bars. Would getting new triple clamps, bars and stabilizer affect the height of the bars? Also...I have read other threads about going to 22mm offsets? I do only desert riding, all types of terrain, from really tight berms to wide open washes, what is everyones opinion about staying with the stock offsets or going to 22mm. The one thing I have noticed is the front does want to walk out sometimes..would 22mm fix that at all? thanks for the help.
  2. neednewbike

    What Triple clamp, Bar, Stabilizer setup are you all running?

    hi..thanks for all the info and pics..it really helps. I think I am leaning toward a Scotts sub mount..bit not sure of the bars. I definatley want to run a pad though. I had a question for four-fifty-x. I noticed in your pic...you have the forks moved up in the top triple clamp...what does that do for you? what is the benefit of puting the clamp lower in the forks? Thanks again eveyone for the opinions and advice.
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    stock R needle instead of JD???

    I am rejetting my X soon and just getting different opinions and preferences. Has anyone put in a stock CRF450R needle when rejetting their bike??
  4. I need to buy a new bike. Well... don't need to but want to. I'm coming off an XR400, the majority of my time is riding ocotillo wells, occasional baja, morena valley, and mammoth area. I haven't been on a track for years, but might want to get back on a track just for fun. So, I am torn between the X or R. Since this is the R forum, I know there might be a bias towards the R, but wanted to get several opinions. Has anyone had red sticker problems with their R?