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  1. 12000rpm

    Question for Owners with New Cams

    The coil lists for around $40.00 The CDI unit is around $140.00
  2. 12000rpm

    Question for Owners with New Cams

    Had the new cam installed Saturday, The bike would not idle after this, in the end the dealer installed a new spark cap/ coil system as well as a new CDI. The bike will now idle but still has the known bog off of idle. I most say these little bikes have a fair amount of top end noise at idle. I was told by the dealer this was the normal sound relating to the CRF uni cam series
  3. 12000rpm

    Hard Starting

    Thanks guys,Now that I looked at the manual, it sounds like the decompression was not installed right. I plan on taking the bike back Saturday to the dealer and have them do the work, I managed to get this bike started but it sounded rattly, almost like the valves were tapping the top of the piston. Is this possible if the decompression was not installed correctly?. If it is I hope the valves did not get damaged.
  4. 12000rpm

    Hard Starting

    intersting to see that two owners switched to a 42 jet, where do you guys live, what is the elevation of your area?. Had a long talk with the dealer today, He wants to see the bike to check the work done when the cam was replaced, I will be there standing beside the wrencher. I really want to see what the valve clearances are, I know this is a race bike but when the bike is idling there sounds like a lot of top end noise like a poorly adjusted valve. Is there a lot of topend sound in these bikes?.
  5. 12000rpm

    Hard Starting

    Just bought a new CRF150R, the recall cam was changed before it was even started . I got it home and I find it is very hard to start and run properly, I weigh over 180 and have ridden for years, I can stand on the kick start and it sometimes will not even move. When I did get it started I found it did not like to idle for long and if I tried to blirp the throttle it would sometimes die. Is it possible that the Honda dealer installed the new cam wrong and it is not set right on the cam sprocket?. Are these bikes very cold blooded and need a long time warming up?. Do these bikes have that much compression that they are very hard to kick over?. If this is true how do kids start these bikes in a race?. Thanks in advance for any help. from confused and ticked