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  1. Dirt Demon

    Middle aged fear!

    I got back into riding mx last July, foolish me. Not for riding but for taking the time off to raise three kids. I could have done both. I just turned 41 two weeks ago and have found the only thing that makes me fear riding is thinking about everything other than riding when I'm on my bike. So clear your mind and think about roosting some teenager. You'll be glad you did. Oh yeah one last thing dont forget to take your bc powder for a couple of days before a long riding session along with a steady input of calcium tabs. After all we are "old" LOL.
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  3. Dirt Demon

    Advise: CRF450 or YZ450?

    My 6 year old daughter says blue bikes rule and red bikes drool. the only difference I can see is blood being more visable on a blue machine LOL.
  4. Dirt Demon

    moving to houston?

  5. Dirt Demon

    Moving to Houston

    Mabey I can help. I'm A broker for RE/MAX. PM me with details on what you are looking for.
  6. Dirt Demon

    moving to houston?

    The Woodlands is a great place to live I'm a broker if I can help. Go to three plams web site http://www.esetrackbuilders.com/default.asp. they are a few miles north of the Woodlands. http://www.houstonmotocross.com/getTracks.do here is another good site. you should be able to find what ever type of riding your looking for. hope this helps,