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  1. dan3084

    cam selection

    Thanks for the input. I dropped the head and top cover off at xr's only and they are going to order me a honda cam and honda cam followers so that there will be no problems but thanks.
  2. dan3084

    The Perfect XR600R

    I have a 91 and its great
  3. dan3084

    cam selection

    I have a 91 xr 600r and the cam and rocker arms all whent to hell a couple of weekends ago so I am going to have xr's only fix the head and top cover, but I wanted to know what kind of cam sould i run and where can I get it. Xr's only told me that the hot cam that they sell is really a crappy cam and they do not recomend anyone to use the hotcams cams in the xr 600's. They say that they do not last very long and that they can cause a lot of damage to your motor, so my question is what cam should I run and where can I find it. P.S. what are some other good mods to do while the bike is all torn apart
  4. dan3084

    Has anybody here ridden a KTM 525?

    I have ridden the 525 in the past month and i will say that on trails i am sticking with the honda anyday
  5. dan3084

    Black Front Fender

    or you can just get a black front fender from a later year bike and put it on there like i am doing to my bike
  6. dan3084


    maier mfg sells some pretty nice fenders for these bikes, I just put a new fender on my 600 r looks great. They have a mx style and a stock style that bothe look good and fit perfect
  7. dan3084

    front mastercylinder

    im trying to find a new or used front master cylinder that will work on mr xr 600 r. The ears that hold the lever on are broken
  8. dan3084

    trail tech

    thanks for the info
  9. dan3084

    trail tech

    does anybody know if you can put one on a 91 xr 600
  10. dan3084

    clutch problem xr 600

    yes the clutch was pretty new I would have to guess but it looks like it only hade about 500 miles on it
  11. dan3084

    clutch problem xr 600

    I recently purchased a 91 xr 600 r with a barnett clutch in it. I roadd it about 120 miles over a couple of weekends and everything was fine, then last weekend i took it out and raod about 15 miles when I noticed that the cluth was slipping when I would go up hill. My first thought was to check the adjusment and it was very loose so I adjusted it but it didn't change anything. I took the clutch all apart and inspected every disk and the basket and everything was fine, but the last disk i pulled out was very burnt and it was stuck to the basket. I also noticed that they seemed to feel dry but the motor was full of oil. Anyone out there have an idea as to what the problem is or was?