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  1. young_gun_drz250

    what should i go with?

    lol thx everyone who has gave advice, now my problem is finding a good 450. since i am 16 i dont have a lot of money(my mom helped pay for the first one) know she says i have to pay for the second. so know im selling my other one and going to have to find a used one. so know the only problem is finding a good 450. how do i know if it is a good bike or what should i look for when im looking to buy a used one. so if yall have any advice or have a 450 for sell let me know. thx a lot. Philippe
  2. young_gun_drz250

    selling my drz

    I have an 05 drz-250 that is almost 4 months old. but I'm am not sure what would be a good price. Its condition is it just needs cosmetics, the engine runs strong. it has asv brake and clutch witch still has its warranty. i have new front and back sprockets, 51 tag in the back, 12 moose in the front. the plastics are pretty scratched up(it is a trail bike) tires are in at least 60% or better. and just had a tune up at the shop, had everything looked at. so if u have any advice or your interested let me know. thx a ton. Philippe
  3. young_gun_drz250

    what should i go with?

    I own a drz 250 and I'm am now getting into racing. so i am debating weather to go with a 250 or a 450. i am pretty good on the track considering my bike and I'm still clearing some jumps but bottoming out the suspension. so i want a more track bike.i am 16, 6.2, and 230 lbs. i was told a 250 wasn't enough but then a 450 was to much. any advice is greatly appreciated. Philippe
  4. young_gun_drz250

    trade in for rmz250

    Im looking to trade my drz250 in for a rmz250. any opinions? what make is the better 250f, the crf or kx or what. and how much should i get for mine. its a brand new 05 3 months old, 40 hours or so. thx everyone
  5. young_gun_drz250

    dr-z250 air box

    Hey will the drz400 front and back sprocket fit the 250?
  6. young_gun_drz250

    dr-z250 air box

    ok cool thx. were do i find a better carburetor for the drz 250? thx again.
  7. young_gun_drz250

    dr-z250 air box

    ok thx man. for the sprockets i wont more hill climbing, wheelie pulling power. like more accel. i wont to go down in the front and up in the back, but cant find any good sites that sell them. so cutting the air box doesnt do anything for power? well my plan so far is the yoshamuri rs3 comp system. new sprockets, maby a new carb, tm 33. and thats all i know so far. im not much of a mechanic. but yea if u now of some good sites please let me know. thx a lot! later
  8. young_gun_drz250

    dr-z250 air box

    I just got a brand new 2005 dr-z250 about a month ago, im a bit of a new rider but i love riding hard, tight, and open trails. the drz is asewome but i would like a little more get up in go. i saw people talking about cutting the top of the airbox, does that hurt anything, like could something get in it or what. then i was going to get new sprockets for it but havent decided how many teeth to go with, if anyone has any advice i would really appreciate it. Philippe