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    Wheres all the KX5 guys?

    After my first bike (87 cr500) I gave up on riding. Then, just for the heck of it I bought my friends beat up kx500. Now being as that the suspension was highly modified for his 200lb butt, My 1/8th ton made for a really cush ride and could not believe how fast I was going on it until I tried to stop! Still a beginner in the dirt, this smooth machine has me going to the desert here in CA at the drop of a hat and my wife is now a green machine widow. Oh did I leave out that he modified the engine to run as linear as an electric motor? I put some brass inserts in the bar ends for arm relief and some wider pegs on it and it will never leave my possesion, period. Everyone I lend it to tells me it is a rocket but alas I am too old to realize its full potential on the trail. It is still nice to know that it will get me up any hill that I have the nads to try and after 2 seasons have only hit 5th gear at half crack on the throttle once! Yeah, I tried my friends 450 works bike and my other friends bikes that are all tricked out but, this green machine is pure gritty love. Happy trials, john zunich