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  1. It's amazing that with all of the taxes you pay - they still can't afford to pay for police at night! Don't most criminals do their work at night?
  2. Here is one - I'm doing the filming and my buddy is on the black DRZ. We are riding at The Boulders in AZ. Enjoy--
  3. Here is an older picture but I still like it. Location: Scottsale AZ
  4. Arizona

    Does anyone know any updates for this proposal? I would love to see some new trails in Northern AZ ... nice to get away from the valley when it's 115 out
  5. Arizona

    I would love to ride up there in Flag this summer. I haven't ridden too much up there because I didn't know where the trails were and I'm also unfamiliar with the rules. Does my bike need to be street legal?
  6. Arizona

    Do they work the 12 hour shift schedule, or four 10's?
  7. I just got hired to work out at Intel and I was wondering if there is anyone there that rides dirtbikes. I'm going to be working on shift so I will have either four or three days off each week. That will give me a lot of time to ride, but I don't like riding alone Hope to meet some new riding buddies.
  8. Washington

    Hi all, I am possibly moving to Seattle and I have a 2006 DRZ 400 E that I bought new in Arizona. I had it street legal here about 2 years ago but I let the tags expire. Will I have trouble getting a street legal plate in Washington with an Arizona title and registration? Thanks
  9. Nevada

  10. Nevada

    He not only killed Nevada.... He and the Democrats are on the verge of killing America
  11. How are you doing Aspen? I hope things are going well for you. Nice looking bike
  12. I would go with black.... looks good with yellow.
  13. I second that notion!
  14. Almost two years on my 2006 with no problems...