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  1. babyspankynhb

    225 Jet part numbers?

    You guys rock! Thanks!
  2. babyspankynhb

    225 Jet part numbers?

    Thanks, but I had those numbers already. I took them into the shop and the guy said that those are the only jets available for that bike. They are always preaching to support them but, it kinda makes it hard for me when they won't spend the time to help me... Again, thanks for any help!
  3. babyspankynhb

    225 Jet part numbers?

    I've been looking all over this site and the Yamaha site for part numbers so I can order the pilot and main jets. I'm looking to get a 132.5 and a 135 main, and a 42.5 and a 45 pilot. Does anyone have the Yamaha or Mikuni numbers? I've gone to my local shop and they just look at me like I am nutts. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. babyspankynhb

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the #140 main and # 42.5 pilot jets? I've looked all over the forums and the yamaha site and can't find the numbers. I went to my local shop and the guy said "there aren't any other jets besides the ones that come stock." Freakin lazy people frustrate me! Can anyone help?
  5. babyspankynhb

    Re-jetted and unrestricted TT-R225=Fun Bike!

    Do you have the Yamaha part numbers for the new jets? I went to my local dealer and I told him which jets I wanted and he just looked at me funny and said he didn't have them. JohnX- My stock jets are #130 main and #40 Pilot. I did the Air box mod and and put on the Big Gun exhaust. I'm thinking of putting a #140 main and a #42.5 Pilot.
  6. babyspankynhb

    Putting together a WR450 06 need advice

    You will learn that you should probably search the forums a little more before asking your questions and probably find out someone has already answered your question. (Really... I'm not trying to be a d1ck) I posted a thread about what I used to DS my bike. It looks really clean and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=476101 You can also search the Dual Sport forum and the California forum for some good advice on how to and what you need to Dual Sport a bike. I hope this helps and good luck on the conversion.
  7. babyspankynhb

    2001 Wr425 Questions (Vermont/red sticker)

    Yeah, I read up on it a little and it seems that it is definitely green sticker, but can't be transfered to Cali with the "D/S" status... We can try tho!
  8. babyspankynhb

    2001 Wr425 Questions (Vermont/red sticker)

    From the FAQ sticky... "Q: Which WR is Red/Green sticker compliant? A: 98-02, 05+ are Green Sticker compliant. The 03-04 are Red Sticker bikes."
  9. babyspankynhb

    2001 Wr425 Questions (Vermont/red sticker)

    You beat me to it... I just got on to post the same thing! These guys are great. They are the ones with first hand experience and will give you their honest opinions. I'll keep searching and try to find the info if it is already in the forum.
  10. babyspankynhb

    WR Dual Sport Conversion Items

    That's the truth! It is a when you try to start it with a partially charged battery. When the battery isn't fresh, I normally will let the E-start turn it over 5 or 6 times, then kick it over manually and it will fire right up.
  11. babyspankynhb

    WR Dual Sport Conversion Items

    I didn't do a stator mod and my electrical system is working fine. The only thing that is drawing extra current is the turn signals and the horn, which are only on for a very short time. The head/tail lights are normally on while the bike is running. I do find that the bike needs to be charged after sitting for a couple months, but it was like that before I did the conversion.
  12. babyspankynhb

    WR Dual Sport Conversion Items

    I would definitely use a relay. Using the handle bar switch could work, but the relay makes wiring a little more clean and running all the power through the handle bar switch would be less efficient considering the loss in the switches and extra wire length.
  13. Hey guys, A fellow TT member asked me for a list of items I used when I made my own dual sport kit on my WR450. If anyone else is interested here is part of the email... from off the top of my head; Brake light switch- http://www.peakmoto.com/servlet/Detail?no=474 P/N: 12-0010 Switch Cluster http://www.peakmoto.com/servlet/Detail?no=481 Horn http://www.peakmoto.com/servlet/Detail?no=478 Turn Signals x2 (Use regular bulbs! LED isn't bright enough) http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=2&L2=53&L3=&L4=&item=MRX_AAIN4_G Running Lights http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=2&L2=53&L3=&L4=&item=LOC_122-0010_G Flasher for signals- Any local automotive store. High/Low Beam Relay- (Needs to be a " SPDT" Relay) http://www.autotoys.com/x/catalog/RELAY_30_AMP_SPDT_RELAY__WITH_HARNESS_p_319.html Brake Light- Your tail light should already be an "1157" bulb, so it already has a 2nd element. You just need to run a wire to it. Fuse- You NEED a fuse. I put in a 15 amp fuse while I was doing the install and testing things. I put in a 30 amp once everything worked properly. Radio Shack/Pep Boys- Inline "Blade Type" fuse holder. Beside that stuff, I got a bunch of different color wire, connectors, and heat shrink tubing at Harbor Freight. It was pretty cheap there and you do need a lot of different colors. I am going to attempt to make a wiring diagram too... It may take a while!
  14. babyspankynhb

    Thunder on the Tundra

    Do you really think that this post is going to stop someone from buying a Toyota? Toyota owners will agree, they make one of the most dependable vehicles on the road. I've owned 3 Toyota trucks. One of them saved my life. I don't think I'll be buying anything besides a Toyota for quite a while, no matter what this or any other post claims. I love my Tundra!
  15. babyspankynhb

    Stoddard Wells Sat/Sunday

    Hey people! I'll be going out to Stoddard Wells Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We'll be camping next to a white Tundra pulling a trailer. I'll have a WR450, a KX125, and a CR50. We're gunna have some newbeys with us, so feel free to stop by or yell at us. Even if you are looking for people to camp with... send me a PM! We will be hanging out at Slash X on sunday too... Has anyone heard of how traffic/construction is on the 15/215? I'm leaving from Huntington Beach... Thanks!