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  1. Hello Dirt Knapper, My guess would be that you didn't do anything wrong. I think the issue is the fact that it is a 2006 TTR125LE. I have had more than my fair share of the same type of issues with my bike of the same year and my bike is stock. I have even had it to the dealership and its still not rideable. I have also read about others having similar issues too. Check out this post to give you an idea of what we have been dealing with. TTR 125 LE running badly PM me if you want and we can compare issues Keep us posted.
  2. We picked the bike up on tuesday. We rode it for about 20 minutes so it was good and warmed up. The bike still did the same thing. They removed the cap from the fuel screw and adjusted that, cleaned the carb and changed the spark plug cap. Seems to me like the bad cap and the fuel screw not being adjusted correctly were errors from the factory especially since we never removed the brass fuel screw cover. We are still deciding what to do. I plan to contact yamaha. We paid with a credit card. If we stop payment then we have no yamaha service department to go to that is close by. The next one is over an hour away and I really dont trust them either. They got to big to quick and have lost touch with customer service. Im still bummed.....
  3. Oh and by the way socalxr.... I live in socal
  4. OK here is another update. On a whim I stopped by the shop Friday afternoon to hopefully catch them working on the bike. When I got there it was stuffed back in the corner. I talked to the mechanic and he said "didn't they call you?" "Its done and ready to go" I asked what was wrong with it and he said that the carb was completely clogged up. I asked what part of it and he said the main was completely plugged. He also told me that they had to put a new spark plug cap on. The total balance due was $116. I told him I would be back later with a truck to pick it up and pay. We went back today to take it for a ride before we paid for it. It still did the exact same thing. We left it there and went to talk to the salesman that sold the bike to us. We told him of all the issues we have had with the bike. We explained our concern about the fact that we had cleaned the carb twice and it still ran the same. We didn't want to cause a scene..... I really like my bike.... but I want it fixed correctly. He said he would take it for a ride and check it out himself and then give us a call. He also said he would try to get the cost reduced. He did call back within and said that he rode it and it ran fine. He said they run badly when they are cold. The $116 is a reduced cost. They only charged me for 1.5 hours labor which was mostly to diagnose the problem but it actually took 2.5 hours. So.... in the end... the problems they fixed were a bad spark plug cap and a clogged main jet. I dint understand how the main was so badly clogged when we have had it apart twice and used compressed air and carb cleaner and could see clearly through all the jets. The bike is still at the shop. I guess we are going to pick it up Tuesday and hopefully take it for a nice long ride and see what happens. Perhaps Yamaha needs a nice letter from me. So many little things have been wrong with the bike before this issue. Spark plug not gaped correctly, bolts & screws found not tightened (found as soon as I got the bike home on the day of purchase), graphics on one side of the tank are all bubbled up. I know these are small issues but when you pair them up with the carb and spark plug cap it just seems like alot for a bike that is 6 months old. Thanks for everyones input and for listening to me complain. I will post another update after we ride it again.....
  5. Hello all... Here is the latest update on my bike. We took it to the dealership on Tuesday evening. They said they would look at it like it was under warranty and would probably have it done for us by the next day. Today (Thursday) they called and said that so far they have found that the ignition cap is "out of spec" and plan to look at the carb tomorrow because they think there is a problem with that too. They also said that my bill is at $125 right now. Seems a bit outrages to me. I wonder whats next.....
  6. Thank you Coffee for the detailed post. It was very informative and helpful. From your post we assumed that it was the main jet since it only happens on WOT. We took the carb apart again and pulled out the jets and cleaned them with carb cleaner and then used a wire through the holes and then used compressed air to blow them out. We also used compressed air on the carb. We could see clearly through both jets and the carb is spottless. After putting everything back together the bike still did the same thing. We also noticed that where the "pilot air screw" aka "air fuel screw" is suppose to be I only seem to have a solid brass piece with a small hole in the center. It does not have the notch for a screw driver. Are we missing something here? The picture below is taken from the jetting thread to show what we should be looking at. My pilot air screw does not look like this at all...... We are looking at the screw that is labeled pilot (fuel) Screw in the above picture. Mine is solid except for a small hole in the middle. My manual shows it being a screw... Its definately not one on my carb. I don't understand whats wrong with this bike. I'm so frustrated. This bike is less than 6 months old. We have 3 Honda's and 2 Yamaha's. My 1982 Honda ATC sat for nearly 12 years in storage with gas in the tank. We pulled it out of storage, put new tires on it and it started right up and ran like it did the day I bought it. Are the yamis really that picky with gas? My 7 year old son has a little 50cc Honda that he rides the piss out of and it sits just as long as mine does between rides but we have had no problems with his bike. (sorry for the complaining) To recap: We have checked the plug and did put a new one on, cleaned the carb and jets twice, drained all the gas and replaced it with new. We checked the air filter and it was clean. We checked the flow of gas to the carb and it was good. I did take your advice coffee and put hex screws on the float bowl. Made life alot easier Anyone have any more advice or have had the same issues with the fuel screw? As of now we have it loaded in the truck ready for a trip to the dealership. Thanks everyone for your help!
  7. We just took it for a ride. It still runs the same. Unless anyone has any other ideas I guess its off to the dealership.
  8. is another update..... We drained the gas tank completely and also checked that the flow of gas is good. We put fresh gas in and it did the same thing. SOooo... after all that of taking the bike apart we discover (after reading a few of the other forums on here) that its just the o-ring on the choke that needed to be lubed up. It seems to run fine now but we will take it for a ride tomorrow..... (holding my breath until then)
  9. When we cleaned the jets we soaked them in carb cleaner. We could see clearly thru the jets. None of the lines appear to be kinked and the carb gasket is intact. Im going to check the flow of gas tonight and drain the tank. Will post another update after Im done. Thanks for everyones help and input!
  10. Ok here is my update...... We put in a new spark plug and removed the carb. We took the jets out and cleaned both the carb and the jets. The carb and jets were spotless but we cleaned them anyway. The air filter is also spotless. After putting it all back together the bike is still doing the same thing. Now Im really frustrated and dreading the thought of taking it to the dealer. Anyone have any other thoughts on this?
  11. This tank was filled up with fresh gas this morning. We did check the air filter and it was clean. We pulled the plug and checked it and found that it was not gapped correctly. In fact it was way off. It was gapped to small. (We have never had the plugs out so it came that way from the dealer) I figure that cant be the only problem tho since it has ran fine every time before. We fixed that and started it up. It sounds better but its to late to pull it off the trailer and ride it down the street. The neighborhood cop will bust me. We will ride it tomorrow and post an update. Once this issue is resolved we are going to rejet and do the airbox mod. Thank you to everyone for your help. Its much appreciated!
  12. We just filled the tank this morning on the way out to ride.
  13. Hello all.... I have a 2006 TTR 125LE that has less than 50 miles on it. I went for a ride today and it ran really bad. The last time I rode was about 4 weeks ago and it ran great. I have not done any mods at all. The bike is bone stock. Today when we went for a ride it was missing at high rpms consistantly. It was so bad that I had to quit riding. I started a run up a small hill in 3rd gear, downshifted to second and gave it gas and it just stopped and died on me. I had to do the rest of the hill in first and even then I didnt think I was going to make it. The gas tank is full and I was not running on reserve. Does anyone have any ideas? Im lost and frustrated. Ive only had the bike since march. Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  14. Thank you so much for your reply snaggleXR650! I really do appreciate it!
  15. Hello all... My husband is comparing the XR650L and the XR650R with his current bike. We have been trying to get horsepower info on the bikes and have had no luck. Does anyone know the horsepower on the 2 bikes or know where we might be able to find it? We have looked at the honda site and also searched the internet. He currently rides a 1987 Honda XL600R and is curious to see what the increase in horsepower would be. Thanks for any help you all can give!