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    06cr500afx you got one?

    wondering if anyone out there bought one of these bikes? I did. I really thought I was buying the ultimate trail and sand bike. Hell, for $12000 it better be sweet. I bought it in Feb. got it in June 1/2 of the season is gone and the first 10 rides I broke down and team Yamaha had to pull me home(harsh) sometimes I would ride 3 mi. sometimes 40 mi. and in between. It got to the point where my riding buddy's did not want to ride w/ me till I got answer bike that runs. Thought it was the jetting but dialed that in later to find that there was a bad connection in the wire harness to the cdi. I was getting spontaneous spark. It would run like a raped ape and then all of a sudden it would just stop like you hit the kill button. Finally w/ the tank off I would start the bike and start probing around at the wiring harness. When I pressed one of the cdi connecting wires instantly my bike shut off. Sweeeet! I found the problem. So I hard wire the cdi to the harness by-passing the plastic connecter. At this point I have About 30 hrs. of labor into my brand new bike. Something is wrong with this picture? Service honda Where I purchased the bike has been very cooperative in trying to fix the problem. They sent me an entire new system. cdi,stater,coil & harness. Honda in Idaho serviced the bike and installed all the new parts. It ran when they gave it to me. It ran all right for about 7 mi. Yamaha towed me home once again. UUGGHh! About 8 wks later after the bike has been in and out of the Idaho Honda dealer and they say" don’t bring it back .I checked every thing and I don’t know what it is . This bike is a hermaphrodite" My answer was yeah it may be but when it runs it smokes the 450r rode both. the whole reason I purchased the cr500afx was because the 450's remind me of riding a pumped up 250.Anyways I took the problem into my own hands and after re-installing the wiring harness and going over it with a fine tooth comb app. 30 hrs.I find the faulty connection. Now its Sept.1 and my bike runs sweet! I love it.I'm a patient man. I really wanted this to work .Since I have run about 50 ga. of fuel in all riding conditions. Now it's Nov. 6 and I just got back from a road trip where I sat in the truck while my buddy's road the last 3 hrs of the day because my bike died. No spark. I know there are a lot of variables to make a bike run or not run. I'm a 41 yr old lifetime rider. I have never come across a two-stroke bike that had this much problem. Now I wonder? Should I start all over and find the problem? or send it back? It's in my shop all torn apart and I have investigated all scenario's and find no apparent wiring problem's and conclude it must be one of the components. Anybody else? All I can think about is I spent $12000 for this nightmare and lost 3/4 of my 06 dirt bike season and I'm no spring chicken but I still rip like a MOFO!
  2. raygeridaho

    06 cr 500afx Jetting?

    oil ratio 36:1
  3. I recently purchased a 2006 cr500afx they sent the bike jetted for sea level. I live at 2500 ft. and ride to 6000 ft. The jetting chart seems to be slightly to the rich side. Right now I have the jetting set as follows 2 1/2 -50-3rd-158 chart says 5000-7499ft @ 79-100 degrees.wow! it's 65 degrees out and its still rich. I'm going to St. Anthony's next week and its at 5000 ft anybody have some jetting configurations? Thank! love the bike! got the gold series suspension and RTT steering stabilizer. Model (S, E, or K):K Main jet: 158 Pilot Jet: 50 Fuel screw (turns out): 2 1/2 Needle/Clip position: 3 Airbox lid (on or off): OFF Pipe: PRO CIRCUIT Altitude where you ride: 2500-5000 Temperature where you ride: 50-70 Are you happy with your current configuration: NO, top end seems to be good. When i let off throttle and get back on it there is a serious lag time until more air is introduced. if i go downhill for awhile it loads up.
  4. raygeridaho

    Tri-Cities Riding

    I was in Juniper dunes last weekend it was Killer! Horn Rapids uugghh! Beverly Dunes are great for Kids not raygers! St Anthony Dunes in Rexburg,ID ROCKS!!!!! 1100 foot verts! 7 Hours from Coeur D Alene. Well worth the drive
  5. Re: What is the best big bore off road bike? Big bore? KTM 950R Superenduro. No question. What does that weigh? 600Lbs Are you riding forest service roads in the carpool lane?
  6. I own an 05 wr450f put the yz kit in,FMF pipe, a few carb adjustments and a complete suspension job added 1 tooth to the rear sprocket (14/51). It works sweet! I rode a 06 KTM525 which I had my eyes on and was disappointed by the way it handled it was somewhat of a toad. not to mention my 450 ate it alive. but the bottom line is I am an animal and so I ordered a 06 cr500afx with the wide ratio 5 speed(top secret!) I'm not getting rid of my 450 because I love it. It reminds me of my old YZ on steroids and a big rip!