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  1. i just completed all the free mods on 3 week old 06 crf 50 i.e air box, timing advance, aresstor cut. bike starts and revs good but on decel it seems to pop a little more and the plug is rather light in color,, so i figured i drop the clip on the needle and see, but after taking it apart i find there is no other grooves for the clip... is there any way to get more fuel with out buying jets? also is there a better way of timing it other then eggin out the p/u holes and guessing? i have i advance timing light but is there a timing mark somewhere and what are the specs?
  2. turbo5oh

    searching for k-style

    well from what i can come up w/ it is a part of KTM and they do accessories like grips, graphics
  3. turbo5oh

    Good God, what have I done?

    could i ask for the contact info on where u bought the bike my buddy is looking for a motard setup maybe theyll part w/ it at a decent price
  4. turbo5oh

    searching for k-style

    well ive been searching for and particular set of graphics for a while they are the 2002 series k-style shrouds and seat cover whats the deal with k-style? is it not around anymore? it was part of ktm i believe but cant seem to find anything about it or where to get it link to a picture of a bike for sale with the rad graphics im looking for http://b.im.craigslist.org/Kz/UA/4tlW3m5PNP0QtVJPKRjcN1y06dh5.jpg any help would but great thanks for reading
  5. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    hey that helps thanks alot, gotta get me one of those
  6. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    cool, ill see what i can find thanks for your help again
  7. turbo5oh

    need help finding graphics

    well i talked about this in another thread but i wanna see if you guys can help me find graphics for my bike. its a 2000 250 exc im looking for something that is mostly black with a little orange and a matching seat cover, i am willing to convert to 02 rad. shrouds im not really into the gothic or scary graphics just something clean that would look good on a all black plastic bike i found an 02 series n-style kit that i realy liked but cant find anybody that sells it anymore any help would be great, thanks
  8. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    well i took the thing apart tonight and the clutch basket had some pretty deep grooves so i spent about 2 hours filling them smooth again it kind of tuff to keep it at the same angle but i think it got it pretty good so when my suspension comes back from EE ill have to see if it took care of it, if it doesnt ill just get a clutch kit oh yeah is there a torque spec on the nut that holds the basket on? what fluid would u reccommend using in the gear box?
  9. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    when i replace the friction plates do i have to replace the drive plates? should the springs be ok?
  10. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    when i replace the friction plates do i have to replace the drive plates?
  11. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    are the 2 clutch problem easy to spot once taken apart or do you have to be looking for something specific? i dont think its a hydraulic problem because when taking off from a stop you can feel it start to engage close to the fully released position its weird because eveything works fine when the motor is running
  12. turbo5oh

    another 00 exc 250 issue

    well me and a buddy got spring fever pretty bad this weekend so we packed our stuff and drove 3 hours across state to some place to ride that didnt have snow the bike has always had what i thought was a problem with the clutch not fulling releasing when the clutch is pulled in but another friend has told me it is normal which i believed because every other bike i've had has slightly done it too but it has seemed to get worse now it wont even start with it in gear w/ the clutch pulled in, i cant even push the bike while in gear w/ clutch pulled, but when riding there seems to be no problems shifting or free reving the motor while in gear w/ clutch pulled basicaly im worried if this is going to effect racing i mean with dead engine starts and crashing having to find nuetral all the damn time is annoying is this normal or is there something wrong? ive only had a clutch apart 1 time (not this bike) so i really dont know what i would be looking for as far as something not normal any help would be great, thanks for reading
  13. turbo5oh

    00 250 exc issues

    ok thats is good to hear basically i gotta find 02 exc rad shrouds and my graphics options are way better, thanks for all your help guys i pretty sure im gonna send my forks out to EE for revalve and seals and find some cool graphics and ride it one more year then buy a 450 berg next winter
  14. turbo5oh

    00 250 exc issues

    ..................huh?? what are u trying to say? the 02 graphics will not work on 00 ive tried they look the same but they are slightly diff found this out the hard way i curently have 02 graphics on the 00 plastic and i had to cut and heat strecth it to fit , it looks o.k from a distance but what i would like to do is find out if an 03 tank will fit an 00 bike?
  15. turbo5oh

    00 250 exc issues

    i have been using seal savers for the last 2 sets of seals, ive always tried very hard to keep the wipers clean and also the fork legs, i was thinking about trying the synergy seals, im thinking about getting them revalved and resealed by EE so they have some type of warranty does anybody know if i could swap the tanks and rad. shrouds from an 03 exc, will they bolt right up? also i know that 02 plastic is close but they are not the same just a little diff. i dont know about the 01 as far as aligning the forks i dont know if im doing it right but i eye it the best i can then use a tape measure and measure is mult. spots to make sure, is there a easier way?