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  1. SavageSS

    Won;t start, clicking noise towards the back

    Back to same trick. Trying to start, the battery goes from 12.7 volts to 12.5 volts. Testing from the negative on the Starter motor to the postive on the battery and trying to start goes from 12.7 volts to 0 !
  2. SavageSS

    Won;t start, clicking noise towards the back

    Great thanks for that. I gave the starter a tap, and started to kick over. But will check the Starter relay as well
  3. Hi All. Well my bike has been fine, getting it ready to sell and of course something has to happen. It won;t start and a clicking noise each time the electric starter is used. Thought it was a flat battery, charged it, did the same, so bought a new batter and same thing..............dam..... I've identified where the clicking noise is, I have no idea what this is? Can this be the cause. I did tidy up the wiring as I had a Monty battery wich really wasn;t up to scratch to start a 470 DRZ, so re-solderd new connections to suit a standard Bike battery. Any suggestions?
  4. SavageSS

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Yes I do, live in Upper Kedron, Ferny Grove is next suburb. Most likely seen this in the Motard set up, never been on the road in it's dirt setup
  5. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    Brisbane. North-west suburbs
  6. SavageSS

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    From this Now to this.
  7. SavageSS

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Hi Aussie guys, I'll be listing shortly my DRZ e which has many mods, including big bore and stroker kit, and billet cams. Making it a 470 beast. Details of it here http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/983473-good-bye-to-my-drz-pic-heavy/ lt's in Dirt get-up and has not been used for 6 months. I'll be listing it soon, as soon as I work out a price and all the spares I have for it.
  8. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    Hi all, Ages since I posted. Well the DRZ has not had any use since the beginning of this post, and has back on the Dirt wheels. So unfortunately I'm going to be listed this for sale. This is how it sits now. (Just working out a selling price)
  9. SavageSS

    XR 500 82 testing, no spark

    Thanks. But are the above if anyone knows within specs? Also anyone got what the readings should be on the Pulse Coil, I'll check to see how to measure this.
  10. Hi All. Mate has a XR500 that has problem starting,. As in won't start. Trying to understand on what to test. The Stator with measuring Black\Red wire to earth reads : 265 ohms. The CDI measuring the following: Black\ Red to Green - 7.3 MOhms Black\ Red to Blue\ Yellow: 21.5 MOhms Green to Blue\ Yellow: 5.5 MOhms. He's bought a another CDI, fitted but no go. Yet to test this as well. Are the above readings OK?, the CDI seem way to high
  11. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    What do mailboxes look like where you come from? I think it's based off a milk pale
  12. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    If anyone is interested in the wheels, They are for sale here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/984449-drz-motard-complete-wheel-set/
  13. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    I had 3 inquires and really don't know. I'll do some research and get back (jope this isn't breaking any rules) They have Pilot Power Tyres, tead is still very good. Talon Hubs and Excel Rims. Will PM yourself and other parties. Stay tuned
  14. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    Unfortunately shipping will kill any kind of deal with these Here listen for yourself Triumph DRZ
  15. SavageSS

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    Actually not at work tomorrow, but busy up until lunch. I do work during the week..