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  1. Gee we're a conservative bunch, let's go back to the 1950s! F1 and many other top line sports have grid girls, promo girls etc. and they're the epitome of professional sport. The only things that make mx look unprofessional are dimwit riders who can't string a sentence together.
  2. Herbs

    Tm racing

    TM are having another go at the US market, MXA have tested their 250 and 450 4 stroke mxers and liked them. Hopefully they reach a popularity level that rekluse will make autoclutches for them. An autoclutch on my '09 450 would make it into the absolute perfect bike. Please Rekluse!
  3. Herbs

    Doma pipe review!

    I had a Doma pipe and silencer on my '05 250SX, gave it a bit more low and mid without sacrificing top end power. Was very happy.
  4. Herbs

    It's official...I am pumpkin!

    Haven't wanted a KTM since I sold my '05 250SX, but one of these would be tempting.
  5. Herbs

    Pegs for the TM

    Have used pivotpegz on an '08 TM EN 450, they're brilliant, still on my t get list for my '09.
  6. Herbs

    250sx help identify year please

    It's either an '03 or '04, my money being on 2004. Definitely not an '05 or newer.
  7. Herbs

    Picked up a 2011 TM 250MX

    These are standard equipment on the 250 and 300 2 strokes here in Australia now.
  8. Herbs

    Picked up a 2011 TM 250MX

    Pity you guys over there get the Sachs rear shock, all of the TM range here have the Ohlins rear, which is awesome. But anyway, lovely bike, me wants one.
  9. Herbs

    Reed is the Man!

    You are an arrogant goose, I expected something better from someone from the Philippines.
  10. Herbs

    Lack of KTM's on the podium?

    I do remember a certain M Alessi winning a race in the MX championship last year, first round - on a KTM 350. Just saying.
  11. Herbs

    Two Stroke in Australia

    Added to that, Darryl King did a few races in the Australian mx championship on a YZ 250, best result was a 2nd, then changed the barrel between motos, then finished inside the top 10 again.
  12. Herbs

    2010 tm 300 pipe fittment

    Have a look on the Aussie dirtbikeworld forum, Gasman has modded a KX 250 pro circuit to fit his '08, another bloke has done the same with I think a CR 250 pipe.
  13. Herbs

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    '09 TM EN 450
  14. Herbs

    Tm mx144

    Can't remember wait times for optioned bikes, as for forks, all TMs that are imported in Australia have the Marzocchi twin chamber forks and the Ohlins shock. This fork and shock package is the best I have ever ridden and there's a do it yourself mod that one can do to the Marzocchis to make them even better, hit up The Nutty Professor (NuttyProf) on the dirtbikeworld forum. The Ohlins forks were phased out during the early runs of the '08 models. Have fun.
  15. Herbs

    Tm mx144

    You can get extras such as the vortex ignition optioned onto the bike at the factory, plus other extras. Here in Australia, the MX and EN models were the same price for the 144. I was chasing one, but test rode a 450 with factory fitted slipper clutch and vortex ignition and fell in love. Few weeks later I had my own, but didn't get the options as the next shipment was going up in price. Have a chat to your local dealer, my local (BW Bikes) knocked money off the purchase price for me too. Still would like a 144 though...