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  1. CRF347

    78 TT500 CDI Ignition??

    Yeah i'm racing it and we just replaced them at the beginning of the season. Alot of times when you land off of big jumps there is absolutely nothing there, it would almost pitch you over the bars. I changed them at the start of the season and got the timing set right and it fixed the problem and everything was great. Well it is starting to do it again. I figured the cdi ignition would possibly alleviate this problem. What do ya'll think?
  2. CRF347

    78 TT500 CDI Ignition??

    Any help??
  3. Is it possible to get rid of the points and condensor and put on a CDI ignition? If so who makes one and how much? THANKS!
  4. CRF347

    78 TT500 Aftermarket Exhaust

    Are you using aftermarket header and mid pipe? Also is that silencer specific to a TT or what? Thanks for your help!
  5. Can someone tell me where I can get the header, mid pipe and muffler for an aftermarket exhaust?
  6. CRF347

    TT500 Call

    I raced my dads 78 TT500 in EVO this year and absolutely loved it. I was the only old school 4 stroke out there and got the same reactions as some of you! "I didn't know what that was behind me"! He says a megaphone will make it rip but I can't find one anywhere. I looked at geoff morris concepts stuff and really like those pipes. I don't see a supertrapp made specifically for a tt either. We also just ordered a set of new nepo denser points and condenser. I was getting a bog when going in the air and landing. You had to have the throttle poured to it alittle bit or it would almost die. Hopefully that will fix it. One last thing, does anybody know what I can do to fit some wider foot pegs on the durn thing? Will I just have to weld some around stock ones? My freakin feet are hurtin after practice. Thanks for your help and I love to hear a good open 4stroke rippin!