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  1. DaveFX2


    I hate how everyone thinks people are such idiots for beating on THEIR bikes. It's their bike, who cares. They probably had fun, and if they blow it up then they are out of a bike, not you.
  2. DaveFX2

    Shops in SE PA

    Looking for a good shop in the southeastern PA area (preferably NW philly). I would like to stay away from dealers. I have heard of a place in Pottstown called Reaktive, anyone have any experience with them? Any other recomendations?
  3. After trying like hell to get my '03 running again after a rebuild, I am pretty much ready to throw in the towel. Anyone know of a decent shop, preferably not a dealer in the Philadelphia area? Thanks.
  4. I'll keep that in mind. Hopefully I'll get some free time at work next week....
  5. That homemade lift stand is sweet. I am definetly going to have to build one of those.
  6. DaveFX2

    Frame welds

    Shouldn't matter. The strength of the weld isn't coming from the excess filler material on the outside of the joint.
  7. DaveFX2

    Stock cam - buy or borrow

    Mike, that would be awesome. I called the number and left a message. My cell # is 973.494.1029, thanks!!
  8. DaveFX2

    Stock cam - buy or borrow

    I can't wait to get my bike running again also. I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what the F could be wrong with it. Hopefully a new cam will solve my problems.
  9. DaveFX2

    Stock cam - buy or borrow

    I am not sure if I want to upgrade. The stock cam always suited me well. Plus I am not even sure if the cam is definetly the problem. I really just need one to test with. If it turns out that the one I have is indeed bad, maybe an upgrade would be in order.
  10. DaveFX2

    Stock cam - buy or borrow

    Those ebay one's are from a variety of different bikes / quads. Any one of them will fit??
  11. DaveFX2

    Stock cam - buy or borrow

    I am looking to buy or borrow someone's stock camshaft for an 03. I am still battling to get my bike running and after discussing my issues with Ron Hamp he seems to think that my cam shaft may have slipped. Thus my cam timming may be way out, despite all marks lining up correctly. I could verify this with a degree wheel and dial indicator, but I don't own either. I was hoping I could use someones stock cam (maybe you have upgraded to a hot cam or equivelent). Let me know. Thanks.
  12. DaveFX2

    Thumper talk store - OEM part prices

    I would definetly like to support the TT community. I also like to support my local shop. Local shops seem to be disapearing all over (online competition), and it is nice to have a place nearby when I need to run out and grab something.
  13. I have been buy a lot of OEM parts lately. Is membership to the TT store worth it? Are the prices substantially lower than using the dealer (even when you factor in shipping)?
  14. DaveFX2

    Is this bike considered a collector's item?

    I second the find the guy "who had one as a kid". My very first offroad bike was an 81 suzuki PE175 that I bought for 100 dollars. Ran like a top. I rode the crap out of that bike. After beating on it for about a year I ended up selling it to a guy who had one as kid, but lost it in a garage fire. Got around $650 for it. That bike was a beast, I kind of miss it.