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  1. Baba

    Did the JD kit, vent tube ?

    Just ordered mine from Goerge yesterday. Cheap insurance against sucking a bunch of dirt into your engine.
  2. Baba

    Oil level

    Does anyone know if the oil level weep hole is accurate for a 2006 TE250. I know they increased the oil capacity in the 2006 and later bikes, but I have the sneaking suspicion that the oil weep hole is in the same place as earlier models. Everytime I check my oil by removing that bolt I get a gusher of oil, even though I know I have added the proper amount. I know that a lot of folks ignore that bolt for fear of stripping it, but it would be nice to be able to keep track of the oil level.
  3. Baba

    OT: Wouldn't it be cool if...

    Had my garage broken into last fall and the bastards took my tool chest, they knew exactly what they wanted-thankfully didnt touch the bikes. I now have the garage set up with two locks and an alarm, and I dont keep tools out there any longer. Makes getting to and working on my bikes a pain in the ass-basicly degrading the quality of my life. Thanks thiefs.
  4. Baba

    Global Warming & Al Gore's Oscar

    Well, obviously Im totally wrong and its probebly better to do nothing and just wait and see what happens.
  5. Baba

    Global Warming & Al Gore's Oscar

    Yeah, and there are also people that believe that the moon landing were faked, that the holocaust never happened, that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and that sasquatch is real. The vast majority of climatologists are in agreement that this is a very serious if not dire problem. And anyhow, when we are talking about the health of the only planet I know of that supports life, wouldnt be better the err on the safe side?
  6. Baba

    Global Warming & Al Gore's Oscar

    I have been riding for 25 years and have 5 bikes in the garage, including my New Husky TE250. But just because I ride bikes doesnt mean I buy into the right wing BS about global warming not being real. The ice caps ARE melting. Glaciers all over the world ARE melting. The oceans ARE rising. The world IS getting warmer. There IS a direct link between CO2 levels in the atmosphere and temps and there has been through out history. I trust science, because guess what, without science you or I would not be riding motorcycles right now. I always love how people embrace science when its something they want to hear, but dismiss it when its something they dont want to hear, or are uncomfortable with. Remember, matter can never destroyed, it just changes form-so that all the mass of the fuel in your car, truck, bike whatever goes somewhere-guess what your exhaust pipe is for. I really dont think that dirt bikes add much to the atmospheric stew-but 7 billion (and rising) people burning fossel fuels is a road to ruin. I know you all dont want to hear the truth, but there it is. Remember, denial is not just a river in Egypt.
  7. Baba

    Husky love...

    In another example of Husky love, I got an email from Rob Keith a few weeks ago. We had chatted at the Mpls. bike show and exchanged business cards. Out of the blue I got an email from him asking me for my address (which isnt on my card) so that he could send me some cool Husky T shirts. Nice. I really love my TE250 (which started instantly after 4 months of cold storage here in Minneapolis BTW), and Husqvarna seems to be trying really hard to take care of us owners. Go Husky!
  8. Baba

    2007 4-stroke shop manual

    Thanks a bunch Kenton. Another example of why TT is such a great resource, and of how cool the Husqvarna owners community is. I downloaded mine last nite-now I can really mess up my bike. Ha!
  9. Baba

    Brakes too touchy anyone?

    Try turning the idle up a bit-I have an 06 TE250 and LOVE the brakes.
  10. Baba

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    Im 5'7" on a good day and have no problems with the seat height of my TE250, except when Im tired and swinging a leg over Precious can be a bit of a chore.
  11. Baba

    January 07 Dirt Bike

    "But he was very impressed with my 06 te610." ??????? Didnt know that Husky made a TE610. Im impressed too.
  12. Baba

    Love Your Tools

    Maybe thats the solution, get an impossibly large tool chest-only I would have to get rid of my bikes to fit it in the garage. Ha!
  13. Baba

    Love Your Tools

    My bike garage was broken into thursday nite and the dirtbag thiefs stole my toolchest-didnt touch the bikes (thank god), but it totally sucks nonetheless. The dirtbags must have known the tools were in there-no other garages in the neighborhood were broken into. Im sure they are going to sell my tools I have been collecting for 25 years for crack money-and a lot of they tools are just going to end up in the garbage-KLR650 Rotor Puller, fuel needle adjuster tool, bead breaker, and so on-tools that are not going to be of any good to anyone else but made working on my bikes so much easier. I am totally bummed. Hell, I had to go to the hardware store to buy basic tools to repair the damage to the garage. Insurance will cover most of the replacement cost, but its the wierd little tools that I have either made or modified that will be difficult to replace-plus Im sure a lot of tools Ill only notice missing when I am actually working on my bikes. Damn. A man without tools is just a monkey. So love your tools and lock em up good-losing them absolutely sucks.
  14. Baba

    '06 suspension settings

    Best thing to do is go to the Marzocchi web site and download the pdf rebuild manual for the 45mm shiver forks, all the info needed is there. No special tools needed to remove oil from the fork, but the forks do need to be removed from the bike-pretty simple stuff really, just make sure that when you are dumping the old oil to be sure to really pump the cartridge to evacuate all the oil, it does take a while.
  15. Baba

    '06 suspension settings

    How hard is it to install the TCmototech valves and how much $. I did a hard 80 miles of single track last weekend and my TE250 worked great-except for braking bumps which had the bike tied up in knots. I tried backing off on the fork rebound but it had minimal effect, which leads me to believe that hydraulic locking could be the issue-it makes sense.