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  1. you forgot that if they want theyll have to pry it from your cold dead fingers.
  2. ttr125l95

    Who has the best lookin wr!

    heres an updated pic of mine:
  3. ttr125l95

    kx100 or crf150r

    not a 150r, a 150f yes, but not the r.
  4. I have dogs and a knife. after they break through the locks and doors.
  5. wow, its even lower than i thought...............
  6. ttr125l95

    02' yz250f wont start.

    because if the valves are tight they arent opening/closing causing a loss in compression. its an 02 and if its on the orginal set of valves its probably due for a new set.
  7. ttr125l95

    Dr.D muffler on stock header

    does this mean i cant buy your baffle?
  8. ttr125l95

    yama 09

    they wont have brakes, un needed weight. well if they follow the pattern they have so far, major changes every 3 years then 09 will be a new bike.
  9. ttr125l95

    your favorite color schemes

    white and blue! yeah, I dont ride a drz, but that dosnt mean I cant follow them.
  10. not alot. probably around 18-20.
  11. do the girl a favor, buy her new plastics!
  12. ttr125l95

    My New Xr406r Before And After Pics

    Im not worthy to look at it! its beautiful mate! I wouldnt mind motarding mine, it would be a blast in the twisties
  13. ttr125l95

    Let's see those GHETTO BIKES!!

    I want that last one! make mowing the lawn fun!
  14. ttr125l95

    Please Read......urgent

    wow................................................................................................ you never really realize just what can go wrong until it does. you and your family are in my prayers, hang in there, if you need to talk to anyone or need anything pm me and I will help in any way that i can
  15. ttr125l95

    MX bikes on trails

    wasnt me, I dont even give out bad gas anymore maybe this vp will make you feel better