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    Exhaust for 2002 DRZ400s

    Hi all, Just bought a 2002 DRZ400s which is my first non sports bike for some 17 years and i cannot believe i did not try one of these earlier! Am looking at adding exhaust, jets and the 3x3 airbox mod to begin with but am having a hard time sorting the exhaust. The Yosh RS-3 seems to be a well rated system but i cant see a full system thats suitable for the 400S, other than the dual pipe offroad system. I live in Guernsey (very small island near the UK) where noise is not really an issue out of town so the option of having an exhaust with removeable insert would be great. Can anyone point me to the right full system pipe? (im probably just being dumb and its right in front of me however.) Also, this probably needs to be pointed to burned, but what jets would i need for the dyno kit?...most of Guernsey is pretty much level to the sea or in it! Cheers in advance! edit: i knew i was an idiot - seems the Yoshi part number is MFR Part #: 2165500-SA which is listed in the TT store as the dual silencer system but according to Yoshi its the single stainless round. Sound right?