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  1. Shooter McGavin

    KLX 300R Shift Star, where to find ??

    Thanks for the tip & the link. I'll definately do it. Thanks Again!!
  2. I'm having the issue where my bike jumps out of second gear on occassion & have read alot about the shift star replacement, but cannot find Stoker anymore. Can anyone tell me the best place to find the shift star ?? Thanks for you help!
  3. Shooter McGavin

    Revs don't drop after throttle blip...

    Yup - I played with it until it was a full turn out. Thanks-
  4. Shooter McGavin

    Revs don't drop after throttle blip...

    Yup, it was the fuel screw. Went 1 full turn out and whammo! right on the money. It's never run better. Thanks for all the help!
  5. Shooter McGavin

    Revs don't drop after throttle blip...

    Good deal - I'll give that a shot when I get home, thanks!
  6. Here's the background. The bike (2001 YZ250F) sat a while, would start and run w/choke on. Bike would die after taking choke off. Problem was a clogged pilot jet. I went through the carb and cleared it all out. Put in fresh plug and it kicked right over and idled with the choke off - good up to this point. The problem now is that when I blip the throttle it takes a good 2-3 seconds for the revs to settle back down. The snappy throttle response is completely gone. I did a quick search on the forums, but didn't see anything similar to this problem. Any suggestions on what I should check would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance-
  7. Shooter McGavin

    Looking for someone in Dallas area...

    ...to help me get new for seals installed on my YZ250F. I'd be willing to pay for their time, I just can't afford what the dealership is asking! I have the new oil and dust seals along with the shop manual. I just don't have all the tools to get the job done. I'd rather do it myself, but since it looks like a very detail oriented job, I'd rather have someone's assistance who's done it before. Thanks in advance!