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  1. Yamaha 2005 yz450f with 48 springs and 5,8 rear equipped with Yz 250f 2006 fork and shock. The difference is huge! 2 clicks on the rebound would make a bigger difference than I have ever experienced with any suspension! The 2006 suspenion is soft initially but can still take the hard bottoming really well! The suspension transformed the steel YZ 450f and to me it now has a fantastic feeling opposed to the slightly heavy and long and old feeling of earlier! My conclusion, the Aoss can be a good soft fork or a supercross stiff fork but the SSS works in a much wider range with a much improved smoothness. Best modification to a bike I ever did!
  2. Thanks!Thats what i thought but just to be sure do a I cut the 2008 spacer 1mm as well?
  3. 2005 Triple clamp with 2006 fork and a 2005 front wheel and a 2008 front wheel. Question is how much do I need to change the wheel spacers? I thought since reading "treads" that the 2005 brake side spacer need to be cut 1 mm? is this right? How about the 2008 spacers?
  4. Bought a pair of SSS forks and called it a day with the aoss forks..
  5. I´m in Sweden, but can you really confirm that the 2006 yz 250f fork is shorter in Usa?
  6. So I bought a pair of 2006 SSS of a 250f and the forks are the same length as the 2005 yz 450f fork!!
  7. OK! Thanks KJ790!
  8. Is there a difference between the lenght of the yz 250f 2006 fork versus the yz 450f 2005?
  9. So after a long delay... New 5,8kg rear shockspring New 0,48 kg main springs Thicker oil close to a 7,5 in both chambers. Preloaded main spring 4mm Preload ICS spring 0 mm Oil outer 245ml Basevalve: Standard Mid Float 0,3 Valving 22*0,11 22*0,08(2) 18*0,08 22*0,08 16*0,08 14*0,08 12*0,3 14*0,10 16*0,10 16*0,10 Rebound Std Testing this tomorrow, but does anyone want to predict how it`ll work in advance???
  10. The biggest difference that I can see is the spring seat and different valve sizes!? I was thinking that maybe I would take out the tcv and replace it with something like Pro circuits "national spring tubes". I also think that the del taco modification could be really good, but I also want to wait for it to become a more finalized product.
  11. This is a 450 , and it runs a bleed stack, but Mog how do you feel about having float set around 0,25 in the aoss? After looking at my specifications and your suggestions I will take your advise and go with this setting next time out! Base 24*0,10 (4) 22*0,10 20*0,10 18*0,10 16*0,10 14*0,10 11*0,25 End washer Bleed shims 19*0,10 (3) 17*0,10 14*0,10 13*0,3 13*0,3 I would really like to know even more about the tcv! Someone else beside harrperf think that going over 240 cc in the outer chamber will make this fork harsh?
  12. The valving in the base was not as specified, this is what i found! The fork was a lot better with the previous changes but nowhere close to the sss, so I tore into the fork today to change the valving and I found the base valving to be different than I posted! BAse 24*0,10 (8) 22*0,10 20*0,10 18*0,10 16*0,10 14*0,10 11*0,25 End washer Bleed shims 19*0,10 (6) 17*0,10 14*0,10 13*0,3 13*0,3 It´s kind of funny that the midvalve is almost the same as a 1995 Honda Cr 125 midvalve!!! So the proposed changes for next time is: Base 24*0,10 (6) 22*0,10 20*0,10 18*0,10 16*0,10 14*0,10 11*0,25 End washer Bleed shims 19*0,10 (6) 17*0,10 14*0,10 13*0,3 13*0,3 Midvalve close float by 0,10 so from 0,356 , new float 0,256 22*0,10 22*0,08 (3) 18*0,08 18*0,08 18*0,08 11*0,25 14*0,10 Rebound 21x0.1(4) 13x0.1 18x0.1 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 12x0.1 11x0.25 Does the tcv really have that big effect on the performance of this fork? Do you guys think its worth the effort to remove/modify the tcv?
  13. Mog, this is start! And at the start of anything I usually try to set a high goal. But I do think (so far) that it`s possible to make the aoss as good and hopefully better than a stock SSS Dave I´ve seen the del taco offering and I think it´s ok, but my previous fork modifications have turned out rather well with just float adjusments and valving changes, so I will have to go down this route first. aggiemoto99 Thickness in base valve, not sure of yet as I started in the nidvalve, and the thickness of my shims are 0,08mm, referred to as 0,10 in the standard valving specification. floting The most striking difference as far as I can see between aoss and sss is the change in valve body diameter,the SSS where the mid relations versus the basevalve is 20/32=0,625, but in the AOSS its 22/24=0,92 , but i think it (so far) can be made to work very well! Not sure if I will remove the tcv or if I will just drill more holes in it. What do you guys think is the biggest hurdel in making the aoss as good as the sss are?
  14. This is a tread for the AOSS fork, that is found on the 2005 yamaha 450. I`m aiming to make this fork better than my friends 08 SSS fork! We`ll se how it turns out! First out is installing the ICS spring preload spacer, this is set at close to zero preload instead of having a large cap between the cap and the ICS spring.Preload is added, 7mm to the main spring. The first cahnge is to the valving in the midvalve and the rebound valving. Weight is 190 pound. Oil in both chamber is Castrol 2,5w Outer 260cc No change to the TCV initially. Standard valving Yzf 2005 Base 24x0.1(11) 22x0.1 20x0.1 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 11x0.25 Mid float 0,356 16x0.1 22x0.1(3) 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 12x0.3 16x0.1 22x0.4 Rebound 21x0.1(4) 16x0.1 20x0.1 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 12x0.1 11x0.25 The valving that I`ll try for this weekend: Mod nr 1 Yz 450,2005 Base 24x0.1(11) 22x0.1 20x0.1 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 11x0.25 Float 0,356 Mid 22x0.08(3) 18x0.08 16x0.08 14x0.08 12x0.3 16x0.08 16x0.08 22x0.4 Rebound 21x0.08(3) 16x0.08 21*0,08 20x0.08 18x0.08 16x0.08 14x0.08 12x0.08 11x0.25 So what do you guys think? I´ll ride it this weekend and give a report back, But I`m curios about what you guys think...
  15. Same fork is on alot of bikes, but how much better is the CR 125 valving/setup?? No one interested in this old fork?