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  1. se6601kf

    Knoll's Knockout

    Lenny, You guys missed out we had good weather for the race but it got ugly later that evening, I think all 6 porta-jons were on their side sunday morning. I was right in the middle of the pile up at the start of the novices. When the sand fell out of the sky there were 2 bikes on top of mine, but I finally got going. The whoops were pretty much most of the course. I guess after about 20-30 years of everyone riding the same trails that is to be expected. There were a few high speed sections where the 'ol 426 really shined. I passed alot of people on the first loop because of it. The course I thought was marked very well and I had no surprises along the way. My favorite part was going up over the rocky hill section. I was so tired at the end I couldn't even stand through the whoops, so it really slowed me down. I still haven't seen how the finish ended up for sure because I never went back to check it out, and it still isn't posted on the USRA site. But overall it was a good time......... Looking forward to Jericho. Lenny, are you planning on racing the Grand Prix at Grand Junction Sunday with Kaleb and mikey?
  2. se6601kf

    Moab / White Wash / Green River

    Lenny is right. Last year the city council passed an ordinance making it legal to ride OHV's on all of the city Streets. Just make sure if you have any kids without drivers licenses to have them within visual range of an adult And yes they do have Cervezas.
  3. se6601kf

    TT meet, greet & ride @ WW 23rd-27th

    To get to White Wash, head west on I 70 to exit 175 ( about 55 miles into Utah) then go south. The road goes from pavement to dirt almost immediately. I don't know the exact mileage but just stay on the most traveled road until you get to some oil wells (about 10 or so miles). Then just before you head down off a big hill you will be able to see the sand dunes off to your left. There will be a bunch of Campers, Trucks, Etc. Hope you can make it. I would really like to make it this weekend but I have the desert race at Knolls on Sat. .
  4. se6601kf

    Moab plans set in motion

    undefined I am new to the site but have lived in Green River all my life and have known many using this site. I have put 1 or 2 miles on across our deserts in SE Utah. It is really sad that our recreation areas have been attacked by the Sliver Lippers. But If you think they will just leave us alone if only our bikes were just quiet you had better think again!!!!!!!!! Those people are just basically selfish, they just don't want anyone doing anything that they don't like to do themselves. Here are just a few examples: The hikers don't like the mountainbikers because they leave tracks that are not human. The mountain bikers don't like the motorized bikes because the motorized make noise and pollution. Now we are getting some of the motorized bikers saying that they are okay to ride as long as their pipe is stock. and they would like to keep everyone else away if they don't have just a stock pipe. Before anyone gets upset, there are of course exceptions to these examples that do have a normal thought process. I think everyone here will agree that the whole purpose of riding is to have fun. If a loud pipe bothers you then either get in front of the loud bike or stay back a little. this shouldn't be that big of a problem. Maybe in years to come when they develop an electric motorcycle even the gas powered bikes with stock exhausts will be "just too loud" . As far as someone mentioning that the loud pipes don't give any more power, maybe you should share this information with all of the drag racers so they can make quieter cars that go just as fast.. I really had a good time this weekend with all of the Green River crew at WW hope we can do it again sometime Trent 01WR426 (with a Big Gun exhaust)