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  1. you have mail.
  2. Thanks gmoss, great info, this board is awesome So you guys dont think with my marginal skills and vertical challenge the extra weight of the wr will not make for a "less fun" riding experience? It does sound like a bike I will grow into instead of out of though. Ride On!!!
  3. Hi all, just getting back into riding after a long break and need help getting the right bike. I'm 39 ,5'8" and go to ocotillo mostly(hard pack, loose sand).I have searched on this ,sorry if redundandt post. I probably wont ride any MX, just off road with my young boys. I have crossed crx250 off my list (valve issuses) so that leaves me with xr400, ttr250,wr250 and yzr250. My question to you is this. I know the wr fits my style but it shows almost 30lbs more than the yzf. I know the yzf is more aggressive than I need but is there a reason to go to the heavier wr other than wider tranny and e-start. BTW I"m not a speed junkie, just want to get up everthing. thanks