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  1. Of course the bog is coming from the air leak, but I guess what I am saying is what caused the seal to go? I know that if your crank bearings are toast then the seal gets ruined too. I guess I just put a seal in it and see what happens?
  2. The bike has about 20hrs on it of easy regualar riding. There is oil and puffs of air coming from around the crank seal behind the flywheel. The bike bogs and sputters....any ideas? Maybe the crank bearings are gone? Kinda crappy as this thing is brand new.
  3. Specs on my bike: 2007 TC250 -JD jet kit -Fast by Ferraci dual map ignition Starts fine cold and starts first kick when hot if the hotstart is used. If I stall it or drop it takes me and several others 1/2hr of kicking it over before she will start again. I tried shutting off the fuel pulling the de-compress and kicking to clear it out. Then going throught the start process again. I am told that this is the easiest bike on the planet to start but....This happens every ride and I am getting frustrated:banghead: I have owend tons of bikes and never had this problem with them. Help...any ideas?
  4. Who sells the most pocket friendly turn, signal, brake light switch speedo etc full kit for this bike? Any help would be awesome. Thanks

    DRZ400 vs klx300?

    O.k after looking at them both I have come to the conclusion that they are both an early 90's design...either one would fit the nickname "dino". I broke down and got a 2006 Husky TE450!!! yay... power, light weight, amazing suspension and handling; what more can I ask for?

    DRZ400 vs klx300?

    What is better off road? the power of the 400 or the light weight on the 300? I am buying one or the other next week but don't know which way to go. I will be racing hare scrambles.

    How is SM in Dirt with Wheel Mod?

    Good day Mr. Lauzon, Here is the suspension travel and rear wheel travel comparison. DR-Z400EK6 Front suspension travel = 288 mm (11.3 in) Rear wheel travel = 295 mm (11.6 in) DR-Z400SMK6 Front suspension travel = 260 mm (10.2 in) Rear wheel travel = 276 mm (10.9 in) We hope you will find this information helpful. Customer Relations Relations à la clientèle (905) 889-2677 ext. 2254 SUZUKI CANADA INC. Yup, I am looking into the same thing, here is Suzukis response. I imagine it is still pretty good off road but you are 1" shorter than the regular model.

    drz400sm dirt wheel conversion

    Sounds good, thanks. Im going to get new excel rims and lace them onto the stock hubs. Im sure someone on ebay will buy the stock tires and rims.

    drz400sm dirt wheel conversion

    how much did that run you? What about just getting the street/dirt version? Are the forks anygood? I tend to hammer my bikes, I thought the inverted sm fork looked stronger. If not then maybe just the street /dirt version
  10. is there any problems switching to a set of 18 and 21 " rims on this bike? The swing arm looks a bit tight length wise. What about the front fork? how much travel do they have? I want to buy one this week but if it doesn't convert then it is no use to me. Thanks