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  1. 4strokeOnly

    I could use a new front rim

    OK, Thx DPete! I posted my set for $400, so I'm not that far off.
  2. 4strokeOnly

    I could use a new front rim

    I have a full OEM wheel set I'm trying to sell. Just posted it on ebay, here, and craigslist. So, you bought the front wheel off ebay? Can I ask you how much it went for?
  3. 4strokeOnly

    Ran my 2006 drz400sm without oil

    any movement on inspecting the motor?
  4. 4strokeOnly

    Ran my 2006 drz400sm without oil

    Bike looks great, would be sad to part it out. Might be easier to refresh a used engine, if you can find one, than to resurrect yours. Deeper inspection is certainly needed. Take your time with the breakdown. Look forward to seeing the PICTURES please.
  5. 4strokeOnly

    Oil leak?

    On a 4-stroke, I call this an "automatically lubricated chain". :-)
  6. 4strokeOnly

    Acerbis Front Fender

    I have an RMZ fender like the one Doc posted if anybody's interested. The SM fender was on the bike when it was stolen.... This one was sitting on the shelf. Time to let her go.
  7. 4strokeOnly

    Need a tire recommendation

    If you want a DOT knobby, I've found nothing better then the Dunlop D606 (rear). As for fronts... jury still out for me. I've tried lots, and they always wore out way faster than I would have hoped. I experimented with fronts for a while, and most recently a Metzeler Karoo 2 (they make the 3 now I think). It will wear WAY slower than a MT21. DOT knobbies are expensive... there are cheaper options out there that are perfectly safe on pavement if you don't care about those three letters and need an aggressive tire for play. If you want to go further on a tire change and don't want to the expense of the DOT knobbies, consider a tire with a tread "like" the stock trail wings. You'll be limited on what you can do outside of your commute, though.
  8. 4strokeOnly

    supersprox sprockets?

    This has been my experience as well. I was a huge fan of the 15/41 for street / highway use. I used Sunstars exclusively... cuz they're cheap and good. Whatever sprocket you use, keep the chain clean, lubed, and properly tensioned, and it will last a long time. Whatever direction you go, pay attention to your chain size (length). If I recall, stock S/E chain is 112 link. SM is 110 link. 15/41 works great on 110 link. You're limited on how big you can go on the rear with a 110 link. At the same time, you're limited on how small you can go on the rear with a 112. I have a brand new Sunstar 13t front, 44t rear, and 47t rear that I'd be happy to sell. PM me if interested.
  9. 4strokeOnly

    Hawaii DRZ-ers - free oil change on me

    Bump. Last call! Please don't make me dump $36 of unused oil!
  10. TT Friends, 2L of Silkolene are yours if you want it. Moving off island and can't take it with me. PM me if interested. I'm on Oahu. -4strokeonly
  11. 4strokeOnly

    Counter balance NUT

    Righty tighty, lefty loosey holds true with the counter balance nut.
  12. 4strokeOnly


    Sounds fair until you look at what people ask for them out here in Hawaii. I can't replace it for $3k. My policy covered the aftermarket parts... to a limit. http://honolulu.craigslist.org/search/oah/mcy?is_paid=all&search_distance_type=mi&query=drz
  13. 4strokeOnly


    Thanks man. It was posted on SSH. I put up online fliers everywhere. Turns out, the insurance company made a mistake... My DRZ was not recovered. Still lost. I'm butting heads with them over the value of my bike. Here's a question... What would you all think is a fair value for my DRZ?? Picture at the top. 2003 DRZ S in SM dress. Frame and plastics in excellent condition. Extremely well maintained. No rust. All the normal fixes. Excel / Talon 17" wheels, 320mm rotor, Pilot Power tires (wear 50% front / 10% rear), FCRMX Carb, "E" Cams, "E" Header, Manual Cam Tensioner, custom stainless luggage rack, Cycra handguards, and a custom LED tail light built with Edge 2 shell. My insurance company is valuing the bike at $2500 and offering $555 more for the extras. ~$3000 all together.
  14. 4strokeOnly


    Just got a call from the insurance company.... apparently my DRZ was found. In what condition? I have no idea. At this point, I think I'd still rather it be a total loss. Who knows what these thieves did to it...
  15. 4strokeOnly


    Anybody in Hawaii missing a DRZ engine? https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/mpo/5295990229.html