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  1. Has anyone actually ridden this new version yet? What is it like please?
  2. The only rad guard I know of can be found at radguard.com.au Haven't seen or heard of a fin, sorry.http://www.radguard.com.au
  3. Looks nice. It already has me thinking about upgrading mine. I see the same picture is at http://www.bmw-motorrad.com/com/en/index.html So it must be official (?)
  4. I'm very happy with mine, after I set the suspension to suit my weight and riding style. The only (minor) problem is the side stand POS! Seems the bike has had a bad wrap in the US, is that because BMW didn't buy ad space in certain magazines? Very few bad words about them here in Aus. I believe it is selling well here too.
  5. We are definately better, faster and tougher riders here. No doubt about that None whatsoever!
  6. That's about right, it needs some air flow so it can idle but needs to settle down neatly, not unevenly or there will be inconsistent idling.
  7. I have the same model and it was doing the same thing - slow wind down to idle - but inconsistently. It was the sideways adjustment of the cam attachment to the shaft in the top of the carb. This was badly set and was causing the throttle to be off centre and made the needle catch slightly when almost fully closed (idle). You could see it wasn't seating properly when viewed from the top of the open throttle chamber and by twisting the throttle open and closed. Dont set the shaft acording to the service manual, this is what caused my problem, instead just set it with good judgment and test the throttle several times afterwards to see it closes properly and with no catching on anything.
  8. Fred, is there any chance you could measure the length of the throttle stop screw you now have (from tip to metal flange on the carb body) please? Or perhaps you know how far the slide needs to open up for full WOT and I could measure the setting from the top of the carb. This would save me pulling out my carb again.
  9. Eddie, I have locked the screw in but am not 100% sure the setting is correct. I have set it so the arm rollers go no higher than the centre of the shaft. This only gives the throttle 24 mm of travel from closed to WOT. Haven't test ridden the bike yet due to bad weather, but I guess it may be OK.
  10. That's a fair bit lower than I thought, I'll try that. Thanks.
  11. If your DRZ has conventional forks, just get an original spacer and seal for the left side and put them in instead of the speedo drive. They fit perfectly
  12. Will do, if it fits the confined space.
  13. I think I will put in a 4mm screw with a spring under the head so I can adjust it.
  14. Thanks Eddie, I replied with another Q. Quick link to the other thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4836999#post4836999
  15. Yes that is the case. I think I still have that part, what length should it be or, how should I set it so this problem is resolved? Interesting point: it gets stuck at about half throttle or less, not WOT or anywhere near it. I was thinking of reducing the free play in the needle by shimming - putting a flat washer on top of the clip, under the screw that holds the needle down. What do you think about that?