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  1. 07 CRF 450, until the 08 comes out with fuel injection
  2. JW 123

    best boot for the money

    I have used Oxtars for 3 years. Recently a friend quit racing and had a new pair of Tech 8s for sale and I bought them. I love these boots, the clamps dont cut your fingers like the old metal ones did. I would think there are more Tech 8s out there and there is a reason. Figure it out.
  3. Went to a 180 main and this thing is a rocket! SOunds like a 450. Still if I quicky turn the throttle it will bog, as long as I roll the throttle it will go fine seems to handle jump landings its just the off idle bog I think there is a 42 pilot in there. Any suggestions.
  4. We are getting the dreaded off idle bog on this bike also. I did the AP mod on all our older bikes and it cured the problem, I thought they had changed the AP on the 07s.
  5. Just got done modding our CRF 250 07 model. We put in a PC hi-comp piston, Kibblewhite oversize valves, Hot Cam, polished the exhaust ports, Yoshi pipe. Curious if anyone else has this setup and what your baseline setting is? Using U-4. 300-400 ft above sea level Thanks for any info John Wilder Cranked it up last night an it sounded like a 450 with the Yoshi.
  6. JW 123

    modified clutch arm

    We add 4 mm to our 450s. Havent done it on a 250.
  7. JW 123

    i need a complete new motor...

    Go to http://www.forwardmotion.com.mx/index.html Get you one of those 290 motors, if I had the cheese I would do it in a heartbeat.
  8. JW 123

    Eric Gorr's new website is open for business

    I was wondering what happened to him. He built a couple of mod bikes for us that were just killer. Good to see hes still around.
  9. JW 123

    Why should I buy

    My son and I race 35 times a year and are riding almost every weekend except this one due to a bum shoulder from going to the Winter Ams at Gatorback last weekend. Thru the years we have ridden just about every brand. In our area I can buy a Honda a little cheaper than a Yam, we have a dealer in Union City TN who always has bikes. We tend to buy a new bike to add to the fleet every 6 monthes or so and then sell one off and Ive found that Hondas are easier to sell than other brands, if you set it to the market price. So far our Hondas have been very reliable, we've owned 4 CRF 250s and 3 CRF 450s. We put around 110 hrs a year on a bike. I had to put valves in 2 of the 250s and recently had to put valves in our 06 450. I use Kibblewhite SS valves and springs. Im only 5 10 but when I get on a Yam the seat, footpeg, handlebars feel small. Yamis feel top heavy to me even the new 07s. When I get on a Honda everything just seems to be where it should be. If I had the money and could buy anything we would run KTMs, but they tend to not be available and more fragile than the Hondas,need a lot more setup, and not worth much when you go to sell them. Just my 2 cents.
  10. JW 123

    CRF 450 exhaust recommendations

    I go on E-Bay and buy stock exhaust systems ussually for less than a $100. Im talking the complete systems so I will have a spare with me. Most people dont need an after market pipe for a 450.
  11. JW 123

    05 CRF 250 Oil Problem

    Thanks Throttle Jockey, I should have done a search but I didnt really know what I was asking.
  12. JW 123

    05 CRF 250 Oil Problem

    We have an 05 CRF 250 and the oil seems to go away on the clutch side. It seems like it is crossing over into the crank case side cause that side always seems like there is extra oil there. Does anybody know whats wrong or what I need to look for? Thanks John Wilder
  13. JW 123

    new suspension break in

    I always like to put 3 or 4 hrs on mine before a revalve. That way if there is any metal shavings floating around they will be cleaned out. If you send it straight in the shavings might make your seals start leaking. Besides how do you know what you want the bike to do if you havent rode it and broken it in yet.
  14. JW 123

    Larger Front, or Smaller Rear sprocket?

    I would change the front sprocket cause ussually you can get away without having to cut, or lengthen the chain.