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  1. Funny to see people walk behind my bike at idle and get hit by the pulse coming out of the BB kit and MRD/SSW.
  2. the 25 pj is included. an extended screw makes your life so much easier and if you do use it, the stock pj is recommended but i and others have used it with the 25pj with no problem.
  3. 373 post in 6 months and lots of problems. It's just a machine. Sell it and move on to another; whether that's a drz or something else. Just my brief and *******-like 2 cents.
  4. search it man. lots of threads. easy install.
  5. I got my battery at BatterysPlus in Fairfax. Sounds like you have a battery charger, not a tender.
  6. I've got a like-new set of black Ortlieb saddle bags if someone's interested. $120 shipped and I can take paypal for an extra $5 to cover fees.
  7. Not gonna click on link.
  8. Familiar territory there. Exhaust sounds great.
  9. Cannot attest to it's quality as I haven't used it yet but:
  10. OP: please don't edit your posts like that; it might help someone in a future search...
  11. You can just remove the cable and there is a plug/cap supplied with the Vapor. Yes ultimately, removing the whole speedo assembly and using a spacer is ideal but not necessary.
  12. Ah gotcha. And yes, nice writeup!
  13. There should have been 4 copper washers for the head bolts. Do not use them. Re-use the stock parts.
  14. The carb has a JD jet kit installed and jetted for the rs2 as well as an extended fuel screw.