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  1. that is some great riding and riders.
  2. 911DAVID

    Rate the bike above

    Its funny how everyone thinks they have the most beautiful bike. Just like parents think their kid is the cuitiest.
  3. 911DAVID

    California Ride area listing

    That is a great source for all the parks available to us. Thanks
  4. 911DAVID

    Advice on CA tracks

    Hey guys, I've been riding for a long time just never got around to hittin any tracks. What you recommend that isnt too crazy and a good beginner track here in SoCAl I live in Los Angeles. Obviously not racing, just messing around and practicing some good laps. Thanks in advance. I appreciate your input. D
  5. 911DAVID

    Hungry Valley: March 21-24 2008

    Side note, make sure that the trails are open. I know its many weeks away but I was there this saturday and 99% of the trails were closed. Just given you all a heads up.
  6. Im torn between buying a new 250f or 450f. I currently have a 2002 250f and love the bike. I've never riden the 450f before and wonder what ya'll think about the comparsion. I am 165 lbs and 5'9 tall. I am a trail rider and want/will hit the track soon. I've been riding for some years now so im familiar. I get the power I need from the 250f and im looking for reason why i should go with a bigger engine. Thanks in advance to all and Merry Christmas.
  7. 911DAVID

    Check out this whip............

    that was wicked.
  8. 911DAVID

    Best place to buy gear around Los Angeles?

    I buy all my stuff off of motosport.com also a store in sherman oaks named cycle trends is going out of business. checkk it out
  9. 911DAVID

    Rowher Flats (map)

    Hey guys. I wanted to know if any of you know where I can get a Rowher flat map. I always get out there ride all the trails and mountains then end up on some sort of highway. I want to get a pretty narly loop going on and cant figure out a decent loop. If you can instruct me or tell me where to get a map that would be great. thanks in advance and ride safe.
  10. 911DAVID

    wheelie video

    Hey guys this is a cheezy request. I want to learn how to do a wheelie and no one has given me the right tips. Is there a video out there that can teach me how to pull wheelie on my 250F. thanks.
  11. 911DAVID

    Yz250f or YZ450f

    Ok guys. Im at a fork in the road. I have a 2002 YZ250F and love my bike. I got the power I need and have no compains. Im thinking of either buying a new 2007 or 2008 YZ250f or YZ450F. I don't know what to expect with the 450 and im not sure if i need any of that extra power and weight. Im 165lbs and 5'9. Im a decent riding. Havent hit the tracks (yet) and there hasnt been a trail I cant handle. What do you all think. Thanks for the advice.
  12. 911DAVID

    09 250f

    hey guys is it true that the 2009 250f is EFI. or is that a rumor and is that something that a + or -. im looking to get a new bike in a year and want to know, what I don't know about the 2009s. Should i wait or F it and get the 2008. thx in advance
  13. 911DAVID

    Pismo Beach

    Hey guys. I'm going to pismo this weekend. never been before. Anything I should know about or that you suggest. Does & don'ts. Thanks
  14. 911DAVID

    paddle tire question

    Hey guys, I'm hitting the sand at pismo beack aka oceano dunes and need to get a paddle tire. which one do you suggest and how many paddles is the right way to go. I was only gonna do the rear tire. I've never been on sand. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. I have a 2002 yz250f