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  1. u nailed it on the head !! its takes the "whole process" to get them relatively dialed.... i came off a kawie 250F after 7 yrs & it was a struggle to say the least. ** By "stinkbug" u mean front end high or rear ??? **
  2. mxracer71

    2014 KTM 350 SX-F build

    All i could picture was a big gust of wind blowing in your garage as you took that picture and .......... WHAMMMMY !!! then comes the while the rest of us & you, and you & finally with all that said......I'll give ya $5000 cash for it Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck !!!
  3. mxracer71

    KTM 350 SX-F 2013

    just as they advertised,,,,,, not a 250 but not a 450, perfectly in the middle for an old fart like me
  4. mxracer71

    KTM 350 SX-F (2013)


    just as they advertised,,,,,, not a 250 but not a 450, perfectly in the middle for an old fart like me
  5. mxracer71

    2014 KTM 350 SX-F build

    Am i the only one that noticed that you use a $3 bucket to keep your ga-zillion dollar baby upright ??????? O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L O L
  6. Nope, never seen it on..... thinkin its either the idle is set too low, or as the mechanic thot a partially blocked injector on the low speed circuit. he said run a couple tanks of gas with SeaFoam in it to see if that works. definately gonna take their recommondations....cant beat cheap & easy !!
  7. i was also told to unplug all electrical connectors, clean & re-assemble with di-electric grease ,,,,, that seemed like it may be the cause of it also
  8. LIGHT BULB !! holy crap, we mite have a winner here..... its so simple its stupid well its simple ... i'm stupid thinking you hit it on the head my friend, i ran the idle on my lil kawie on the low side & think i may of turned it down on the Katoom. thanks my aussie friend, i will adjust accordingly P.S. why the heck did you guys give up yor guns down under ????
  9. first thing i thot was the filter also, mechanic said if it was filter it wud act up more often than it does, so i was like.........ok your the certified tech.....lol.
  10. Anybody else experience any issues running the aggressive fuel map plug ?? never ran the bike with the stock fuel plug... but what the bike does is when i lower stand & take off is sputters & dies, then i restart, hit the gas again, sputters & dies, 2nd restart & good to go untill i take my next break. it does this each time i rest throught the day doesnt do it the first ride out tho. Doesnt die in slow corners, nuttin, till i rest & restart. Motor now has 25hrs on it , use shell premium & only shell premium. Mechanic at dealership want me to check color of plug & all electrical connections for starters but they think its a fuel system problem (minor). They had more idea's but these are ones they said i could do myself to save money... Anybody else have this issue ???? Thanks in advance for any help !! R.C.
  11. good taste in bikes my friend...... alot of info in this thread about just that
  12. I'm not really taking anybodies side here cause i don't know jack about internals or the "science" behind suspension components, thats why i like listening to Tye (the mad scientist) but can't understand half of what the heck he's saying but i did agree with you that alot of us can find settings suitable for our needs.... but Tye had a point about "adapting to our suspensions" etc... But i don't feel that i'm doing that at this point, as i'm very happy with the result of my tinkering..... UNTIL..... one of you guys lets me ride your souped up Ohlins sprung models then i'll end up pulling out the plastic i imagine
  13. everything said has truth to it Tye, thats why i said i'm glad i'll never have the chance to ride one of your guys bikes cause then i would really know. But maybe if ya come to the midwest for any of the Racer X Senior races (4 in the area) we could burn some laps & see "whats, what".
  14. maximillion125 has some points here.......... I've found decent settings for mx riding without changing anything internally...... that was the point of this thread, save money on expensive re-valves that most of us are'nt able to ride hard / fast enuf to reap the benefits of. i was also lucky enuf to be within the weight range for the spring rates which was nice, but as stated (by me) multiple times in this thread, in my opinion the 2013's came out of the factory set absurdly SOFT in all respects (which is the norm for them i'm told). So i agree with maximillion125 on his point that YES , (most) of us can & will be able to find settings that work for us, its just a kinda long process but well worth the savings if your successful.
  15. I feel like an idiot....... i actually think my stock set-up is pretty darn good now, i would hate to ride one of your guys bikes & realize how bad it really sucks Good thing you live so-far away , ignorance is bliss