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  1. kcolyar

    Moab Trip

    I live in Moab and am a state trooper. We try to turn our heads the other way when we see dirt bikes. Just follow the Speed limits and dont be crazy. You will probably not get bothered. Most of ride dirt bikes out here, so feel free to call one of us up for riding partners. The other onfo you have been getting looks about right, we are a tourist town, so plenty of places to stay.
  2. kcolyar

    Hows Moab?

    Moab has been below freezing for several weeks now. The snow won't melt in alot of places. White wash was frozen two days ago. Some of the washes are fun, but watch out in most corners. The ice is not melting.
  3. kcolyar

    I need WR450 input, good and bad.

    I have an 03, no problems and I bought it used. I had the valves adjusted when I bought it and they were in spec. I changed the jetting and am going to change exhaust. I revalved the suspension and resprung it. I love the bike fo 90% of the riding I do (sand washes, desert, Cainville and the occasional WORCS race) I wish I had a 2 stroke again for the other 10%. The bike is bullet proof and reliable. I think mine starts easier with the kick starter than the button. You just need to be honest with your self with what you want the bike for. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I would recomend Arch view campground in Moab. It is about 10 miles north of town on SR191. You have access to Dead horse point and canyonlands state parks. Arches National Park is 10 minutes away from the campground. There are several nice campgrounds in our area, I just think the location makes this one a little more scenic. If you need phone numbers or anything contact me at moabcolyar@yahoo.com.
  5. Oh yeah, this site is the best entertainment around. I appreciate all the info I get when I need help ( acouple of times) and the rest of the time its fun reading all the useless speculation over things that hardly matter. My 03 is way more bike than I can handle in most situations. In fast sand washes its great, on the motocross track, I wish I would have dialed in the suspension a little better, and in the mountains its a beast. What more can you wish for.
  6. I live in Moab, and would be willing to help plan, coordinate any type of trip you guys want. There are alot of us locals here, who would love to meet and ride with new people. Plus, we know most of the good trails. Any ways, my two cents.
  7. I was looking at amoto mag from 1996 that I had at home. Pro circuit sells there 4 stroke exhaust for $199, saying it was what Healey used for the 4 strke Nationals. 2 stroke exhaust was $179 for a pipe. It seems to me that 4 strokes doubled and tripled in price while 2 strokes have only gone up $20 in ten years. Is this supply and demand, or are we getting ripped off? Just my 2 cents!
  8. kcolyar

    Common OEM Part Numbers

    I have an 03 450. What is my stock main jet. I bumped mine up to a 168. I ride at 4000ft here in Moab. from 50 to 100 degrees. I removed the baffle on my stock exhaust and opened up the airbox along with the free mods. Any suggestions for the jetting, I have a slight hesitation right off idle and it seems a little choked on the very top. Mid range seems strong. Any help will be appreciated. This is my first 4 stroke after years of 2 strokes.
  9. kcolyar

    Fastest Dirtbike?

    My 2002 kx500 that I had would do over 105 on the frontage road on I-70. I am a state trooper and I arranged for one of my compadres to radar a fe of us bikers here in Moab. My 500 would go 106-107, with one tooth larger countershaft. My buddy's 04 450mxc would go right at 99, completely stock. My other buddies 04 CRF450 with one tooth larger countershaft only 78-79.
  10. kcolyar

    GYTR Quiet Slip-On Muffler

    I am curious also, I need to get a silencer and I am wanting to know about weight and sound.
  11. kcolyar

    Enlighten me on the Works Shock.

    I put one on my sons 01 xr100. He said it made a huge difference in rear end performance. I liked the way when you order the shock, you tell them your weight and riding style. He is able to keep up with his friends on their yz85's in the bumpy stuff now. Best $350 I have spent He says.
  12. kcolyar

    vented fenders

    Good info, thanks for the opinions. I don't deal with mud hardly ever. I had drilled holes in my front fender on my KX 500. I never noticed any difference, but I never over heated it either. I was just hoping for some technical data this site is famous for.
  13. kcolyar

    vented fenders

    Has anyone tried the vented front fender? I live in Moab and the heat is HOT in the summer. Was wondering what effect it might have on cooling the oil lines.
  14. kcolyar

    xr100 seat cover

    any body know where I can find a seat cover for son 01 xr100? He doesn't want the red one. He want some thing like red/black or black. Plus what after market pipes are better FMF or Pro circuit. Seems to be quite the price differences, and I'm not sure where to spend money, any help or opinions would help.
  15. kcolyar

    '03 XR100 airbox mods

    yes, you will need to richen the main jet