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  1. bozzman

    07 CRF 450 SetUp

    I just had my 07 RMZ suspension revalved and it is set up with a .52 spring on the rear and they used the stock .46 springs on the front . I weigh 175 . I really like this set up .
  2. bozzman

    2007 RMZ 450 Forks

    Hey guys I decided to take my forks apart today and see if I could get them working better myself before I send them out and have somebode else revalve them . I would like to have a plusher feel to the forks . It seems to me they are harsh in the mid stroke . I have the specs for my shim stack . 4 30 x .10 1 25 x .10 1 29 x .14 1 28 x .14 1 27 x .14 1 26 x .14 1 25 x .14 1 24 x .14 1 23 x .15 1 22 x .19 2 24 x .20 Any input would be great . Also how do i get to the Mid Valve ? I think I have to take the nut off the bottom of the damping rod so I can pull the rod out but how do you hold the rod from turning without marking up the rod ?
  3. bozzman

    Rick handin over the reigns

    I think JS is faster now because he is willing to take more chances . Earlier in the season RC seemed to have the speed at some of the races to run with JS . Now he doesnt have to beat James to win the championship so it has to be hard to push yourself and take a chance of throwing the championship away. When the outdoors start we will see RC take some chances to beat JS . RC has proven he can run 24 perfect motos more than once JS hasnt . I also hope there is some good racing outdoors .
  4. If the place holds 55000+ then I would say there was maybe 30000 people there . I though the new stadium was awesome for supercross. I know the tickets are more money and they didnt have the pits this year but it was still a great event . Lets face it if people dont show up for the supercross at Ford Field it will be gone . I have seen alot of stadiums come and go and I would think if they have it back here next year and the turn out of people is not better they will be looking to go somewere else . Atlanta had 70000+ this year and could probably support two supercrosses . I only hope if Ford Field has a supercross next year more people support it .It would suck to have to drive out of state to see a supercross .
  5. I am glad Ricky got his points back now the last seven races will be a battle . The top three guys all have to will races if they want the title so there should be some good racing . Take away the 25 points and it changes everything . Reed came out and said with his big points lead he would not take too many chances because he knew he could finish second every week and still win the title . Ricky said he wasnt going to take many chances and he would save himself for the outdoors . James well he always takes chances that is way he is on the ground so much . When he is not on the ground he is amazing to watch . I didnt want to see Reed win the championship that way . He hasnt been on the pace all year . I would like to see Ricky win it all but if Reed can step it up or James can will alot of races and get back into the points that would make for some great racing for us the fans . For all you guys that think that someone like Ricky that puts so much into racing was cheating that is crazy . I dont think Ricky even touches the fuel for his bike so to take points away from him isnt fair at all . The AMA needs to look at making changes . I think in Reed or Stewart's case if it would of taken them out of a chance for a championship they would of put up more of a fight to . I dont think that any of the teams were trying to cheat . If they wanted to cheat I am sure they could cheat in a way that would give them an advanage . As far as Ricky getting special treatment I think this situation finally made the AMA realize they need to change some things and it is not fair to take a championship away from a rider for something that is out of his control. Lets face it weather you like Ricky or not to win as many championships is he has won I think 14 the guy deserves a little respect .