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  1. TopGun4608

    Is this Noise Bad?

    Help! I have an 06 WR450 that I got mid season of last year. I just put on a new white brothers system on tonight... Sounds good and I will get on it tomorrow to feel the new performance but I was listen to the new pipe just now and it sounds good. When I engage the clouch it sounds good but when I release the clouch I get a little more noise from the block almost like a vibration in the engine... Is that normal? As you can tell I am new to the dirt bike industry but just curious if I should be worried about that...
  2. TopGun4608

    White Brother Exhaust Help

    Currently running stock jets. Changing the exhaust is the first thing I have done to it. I was planning on taking out the throttle stop tomorrow and cutting the gray wire as well... I am in So cal and ride a lot in the dessert or anywhere I can find land to ride so all different places.
  3. TopGun4608

    White Brother Exhaust Help

    2006 WR450, I just bought a white brothers system for it but I have a few questions. The whitebrothers site doesnt show a pipe made for my bike but I talked to their support team and they said its the yz pipe. The only reason they dont show it is because the yz pipe is at 102 db where the wr pipe would need to be 96 db or lower. They sent me an 06 yzf pipe. Will that mount up and work with my WR? I thought they changed the frame of the YZ in 06 so will it still fit? Also they said I dont need to rejet the carb. Does that sound right? Any help would be great. Thanks Guys.
  4. TopGun4608

    06 WR 450 Advice

    Its now 3:30 AM and I just got done changing the radiator, taking off my pipe, and starting the mods that you guys have told me to do...( I also had a few beers with some buddies so I was takin my time). The bike is all apart right now but it was super simple to do most of the mods! Just wanted to say thanks a lot for all your help. Any advice for air filter mods? Also I know I need to get the emissions removal kit for it. I have the bike all apart right now how hard is that to install? Should I have the dealer do it when I have them grind the throttle stop next week?
  5. TopGun4608

    06 WR 450 Advice

    Thanks for the adivce, Couple more questions. You are the first to ever talk about changing my tire to a trail tire. I ride mostly trails so that term trail tire makes sense but what will I notice different? As for oil changes, I will do it this weekend. I am going to change the filter everytime I change the oil though from what I heard its the way to go. I just bought a white brothers alum full system and get it tomorrow. I dont think I need to rejet that thing with the white bros system but do I need to do anything else to make it run better?
  6. TopGun4608

    06 WR 450 Advice

    Hey- Just wondering if I could get some advice. I bought a WR450 in March, it is my first bike. I have be on it about 6 times, probably 25-30 hours. I changed the oil after the first 5 hours and I will change it again soon. How often do you recommend. I am getting ready to do all the mods to it this week... aka Pipe, gray wire, Throttle stop all the good stuff... Also the book calls for valve checks which my dealership wants some stupied amount to do. I talked to a few guys I know with 450's and they said just ride the hell out of it another season and then get the valves checked... What do you think I should do? Also is there any other stuff you would do aka fluids changed before we get ready for a kick ass season approaching fast?