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  1. Jeffro510

    LT80 help needed

    Great pictures!!!! I know what you mean about you riding it and it being able to wheelie. It is a ton of fun. It was indeed the pilot jet. Originally when I cleaned the carb I was just thinking that the pilot jet hole was too small to see light through. I had to use a very small sewing needle to clear the hole in the jet. I don't know what got in there, but it was stuck in there. Once clear, I could see through the jet and it was back to wheelies for me!!!! Thanks for the help... Jeffro
  2. Jeffro510

    Suzuki LT80 help needed

    My daughters LT80 isn't running right so I hope someone on here can help. When it was run last (about a month ago) it was running great. I started it this past weekend and it would not run with the choke off. As long as you leave the choke on it runs okay, but turn the choke off and it dies. I pulled the carb, completely stripped it down, soaked it in carb cleaner, blew all of the parts out with air, then reassembled. Still the same. I checked the vacuum line and the fuel petcock. I have put a new plug in it. The snorkle off of the air box is removed while I am troubleshooting it so I know that it is not the air cleaner. If you are riding it and turn the choke off, as long as you stay in the throttle it will continue to run, but if you let off the gas at all, it bogs down and dies. Could it be the reed valve? This problem just happened all of the sudden. I want to get her out there riding again, so any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance, Jeffro
  3. Jeffro510

    Perry Mountain Fun Run March 16th

    I might be ugly, but I'll be riding Sunday Jeffro
  4. Jeffro510

    Perry Mountain Fun Run March 16th

    Anyone planning on going? I'll be there all day. I ride an 03 YZ450F, Yamaha of Troy graphics, white plates with #510 on them. If you go, look me up and we'll ride... http://perrymountain.com/Fun%20Runs/funrun3_08info.html Jeffro
  5. Jeffro510

    Kudos to Hensim USA

    I know what everyone says about the Chinese knockoffs, but I didn't want to drop big $$$$ without knowing if my daughter would even like riding. A year ago, I bought her the 70 cc ATV, in pink of course, and she has loved it. It is a 50 frame size so now she is outgrowing it, but it has served it's purpose. It came with front and rear suspension and electric start. I added a remote kill switch and axle extenders to make it more stable. Anyway, it has been flawless for the last year. 3 weeks ago we went to Durhamtown, and it died on me. It would turn over, but I could not get it to fire up. It might run for a little then die and not restart. I emailed Hensim USA to get some help. They have all of the parts available, ship them FedEx, and I actually spoke to a live person in tech support and in the sales department. Mine is out of warranty but they were very helpful and the parts shipped immediately. I got the new CDI ($10) last night, but that didn't fix it. I still haven't got the ATV started, see this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=604823 Let me know if anyone has any ideas to help me fix it, but wanted to let everyone know that the parts and service are available from Hensim USA. Once it is running again, it will be in the classified section so I can get her a bigger one... Jeffro
  6. I need help getting my daughters 4 wheeler running again. It turns over, and sometimes it starts, runs rough for a couple minutes then dies. I know that it is spark related. I replaced the CDI already and it didn't change things. I pulled the plug cap off of the wire and held it close to a ground. While cranking the quad I get intermittent spark. Always a strong spark, but not every revolution for sure. Sometimes it will be solid sparks for every revolution, and others it will be one spark for every couple of revolutions. Sometimes no spark at all. Any ideas what would cause this? I am thinking the coil could be bad, but there is the regulator and the stator too. Any help would be appreciated so I can get my little girl roosting again!!!! Thanks in advance... Jeffro
  7. Jeffro510

    Barber motorcycle museum

    Been there many times, and will go back again. There is just too much to see there in one visit. George Barber is the man!!!! If anyone is coming into town, bring your dirt bike and we can meet up and ride at the Ridge too... Jeffro
  8. I found one for sale, so would like to know anything about them that you can help with. Were these good quads? It would be for my daughter to learn to ride on. I would like to have specs on it and any info available... Thanks, Jeffro
  9. Jeffro510

    YZ250F or YZ426?

    Well, I have the 426 on my mind, so I think I'm going to have to try it, and if it gets to be too much of a handful than I can always get a 250F. The CR definitely has power. I rode a friends CRF250 and it was fun, but it seemed like you really had to get into the throttle to get any real power out of it. Is the YZ250F the same? It was kind of a dog down low but came on strong if you were really wringing it's neck. We typically ride woods, single track stuff, hardly ever on MX track. Want a good for climbing hills and something with grunt all the way through the rev range, thinking the 426 is the key... Thanks, Jeffro
  10. Jeffro510

    YZ250F or YZ426?

    That's what I was afraid of. I read a lot of good stuff about the 250F which is why I started to question the 426. I'm kind of a power junkie whether I am qualified to use it or not!!!! Jeffro
  11. Jeffro510

    YZ250F or YZ426?

    I was wanting some guidance from the experts on here. I want to make the move to 4 strokes. I'm selling my CR250R and I'm trying to figure out which bike will suit me best. I am 6 foot, 155 lbs, and an intermediate dirt rider. I never fell like the CR250 has too much power, so I'm afraid that the YZ250F might not have enough, but I've heard folks say that the 426 will wear you out. What would be my best move? Thanks all, Jeffro