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  1. wheelspeed831

    SWEET.......just got my first KTM....300 XC

    Looks great! i just picked a 2015 xcw a couple weeks ago and i love it..smoothest bike ive ever ridden. Ive ridden 125s to 450s over the last 10 years and i would have a hard time buying anything but a 300 in the future.
  2. I just bought a new KTM with the 4cs forks.. ive read the articles in MXA about lowering the oil height/ cc's to make them feel more plush but they dont say if you take it out of the top or the bottom side. From what i understand they are separate.. Can you anyone explain a little more?
  3. wheelspeed831

    Casselli in for Southwick

    This ^^^ Ive seen him race in person at the worcs series..He's amazing off road and especially in the desert but to be honest id say 10-14th overall
  4. Yes that what it was..just a caller trying to give Stewart crap saying how much better RV is.. Did anybody notice Dungey & Bubba had a 1 MINUTE lead over 3rd place?!?! id say they were riding just fine!!! Plus you cant deny Dungey was the better rider last year outdoors and would have won the title if he hadn't run out of gas.
  5. Somebody got sideways in front of him and took his front wheel out...the guy behind literally jumped malcolm..so he DNS the second moto. Jstar tweeted he's a tuff kid and ready to go for texas.
  6. wheelspeed831

    California single track GoPro vid

    go there every year
  7. wheelspeed831

    California single track GoPro vid

    they were! nobody had ever been down that canyon and im glad we found a way out the bottom of it. would have been miserable to come back up it.
  8. Here's a 6hr ride i did a few months back near jawbone canyon ..has mountain's, desert,washes,ridges,and even some snow near the end. All in one day! THIS my friends is why i ride...its 30 min long but if you like single track your gonna love this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CAd5odhU_Y
  9. Anybody else catch what said on his 2nd hangtown speech? ''I'd like to thank factory Honda for stepping up with a bike'' Also he didn't say anything about mitch or PC...
  10. wheelspeed831

    Alessi Down and.... out?

    just read on his website doc told him he cant race till the 3rd round...
  11. wheelspeed831

    Where in the Heck did that Tuft Block come from???

    The tuff block was there when james came through that lap but he trippled over it..
  12. wheelspeed831

    JS7 Can't Handling Being Run Down and Pressured

    First off im a fan of both RV2 and JS7 and have been since they were little...so heres my take on this whole deal. RV2 has balls of steel and tons of speed to come out swinging like this after that huge injury, and is the only guy showing he could give JS7 a run for his money. JS7 is trying to ride smart and seems to be holding back..his body language for most of the laps is black and white different than seasons past. 1st race JS7 came from around 12th to within 4-6 seconds of RV2 2nd race they both got good starts and RV2 was trying riding his ass off trying to pressure JS7 who was cruzing and washed the front end. 3rd race RV2 caught JS7 from around 5th and showed him a wheel, if i remember right JS7 turned it up and pulled almost a full straightaway before he washed out... It still looks to me that RV2 is riding all out and JS7 is holding back a bit..but we wont know till they both get a good start and keep it on two wheels....nuf said O and P.S. Dungey is slow and is proving he only won cus the top guys were out LOL HAHAHAHAHA
  13. wheelspeed831

    James Stewart doing "flugtag" this weekend!

    dude that was last weekend he's fine....
  14. wheelspeed831

    Malcomb Stewart Teams up with James

    and again this ones from 08...killin it on a 2t!! i had no idea his chunky butt had speed w.t.f.??