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  1. I think I have just about the same number of hours on mine. Looking forward to reading this one.
  2. I just went through this too. I was able to use a prybar and got between the kickstarter lever and the big washer behind it. It came right off. I put antisieze on the splines when I reinstalled it.
  3. Do you add anything extra to account for the extra capacity with the Rekluse clutch cover?
  4. A lot of irony in this thread. Plenty of places to hunt without bikes. I don't think there are any places to ride that don't allow hunters.
  5. Maybe I'm anal, but I change it every 150 miles or so. It's very little oil, and it takes very little time, so I consider it cheap insurance.
  6. Oregon

    Gary at G & G lost some bikes over the new years weekend.
  7. I run an S-12.
  8. Sounds like fun. I've never done an enduro before.
  9. Should be nice and dry through the weekend.
  10. Last ride this Sunday.
  11. I've always been a Honda man. In '96 I took a chance and bought a brand new KTM 360 EX/C. Worst bike buying mistake of my life. I switched back to Honda after two years. I finally took the plunge again last year and bought an '09 200 XC-W. It's been the best motorcycle I've ever owned.
  12. I sold mine a year ago, and still read this forum.
  13. Another ride tomorrow.
  14. I have been running s-12s for years. The guys I ride with swear by MB5s and seemed to have less trouble getting up the slimey hills than I did. I'll probably buy an MB5 for the rear this year.
  15. It's a small area, but has a lot of miles of trail. For me, it's only 20 minutes away, so it's worth the drive.