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    XL350R Oil capacity?

    Thanks! I've a Clymer's on order... and I found the owner's manual in the plastic holder inside the left sidecover when I went to check the air filter. Yech- air filter's on the list. I'm also using Rotella-T 15w40 oil in most of my bikes (KLR650, FJR1300, Spouse Unit's VFR750) and now the XL. My Aprilia Falco gets Motul or RedLine synthetic.
  2. deanw

    XL350R Oil capacity?

    Maybe the wrong place to ask, but this seems like the closest match... I just picked up an '84 XL350R for the Spouse Unit. I'm doing the new-to-me used bike routine. Today's project is oil, and I can't find anything that knows how much, or what kind, to put in. Help? Already done: new battery (DPO had a 6V battery in there... ), brake fluid, spark plug... Up next: fork oil, chain, and tires (Still has 22 year old OEM tires) as soon as the bits come in.