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  1. BT Mini

    Headlight for yz 250 help!

    I am thinking of making a run of External stators like we use to make for the YZ 250. I just need committed buyers. e-mail me if you are interested. Due to the low volume run, 20 units or so, they will be around $600. This is a project I am considering doing on my own time so I want to make this clear that Baja Designs is not who you would contact for inquiries. This is not a back door deal just something that I would condider as a side project outside of work. Tex@bajadesigns.com
  2. BT Mini

    Weatherman Transcription brought to you by Breauxman Live

    Thanks for stopping to check on Joey. He had a really bad get off in the dust. Thanks also to BFG "Aggie" in the Truck that called in the rescue and for bringing the bike back to town the next day. Joey is out of the hospital now and doing ok other than some "other" issues. He had to have surgery on his thumb and he also broke his collar bone. He is bruised from head to toe. Thanks again and good job on the finish. Tex PS Someone tell me how to change my damn screen name.
  3. BT Mini

    Racers and Ranchers Annual Ride- April 2nd &3rd

    I am in for sure.
  4. BT Mini

    Successfull Lighting Set-Ups for Baja....

    I am thinking of going down to Veronica Sunday after christmas for some single track and would be up for doing a loop at night. Tex
  5. The 450x Honda is a completely different system than the WR. The Honda doesn't have a DC Ignition like the WR. We don't touch the ignition coils when we do a stator rewind on the Hondas we only rewind the lighting coils which has nothing to do with the bikes ignition or spark so If you had a stator go out to where you lost ignition on your Honda (very rare indeed) then I suspect it was a connection problem or an installation issue (wire pinched or something) Tex Baja Designs
  6. Just to be clear, the original stator mod was not preformed by us so it wasn't really a Baja Designs "issue". We have instructions on the web on how to DIY. I talked to Pete last night and got to hear about the whole adventure, great story. Pete you have to tell them about buying 3 soldering guns at the auto part store before you found 1 that would work outside the confines of the store. Tex
  7. Pete called me this morning and it looks like the ground float came apart. He is going to report back to me after he gets it back together. I will post up after he calls. Tex
  8. It is probably 1 of 3 things. (1)The ground float you did on the stator has come apart or is shorted to ground. (2) The reg is bad. (3) the battery is bad. The WR has a DC ignition and needs the battery to fire the bike. If you get a multi meter you can check continuity between the 2 wires coming from the stator that plug into the 2 yellow wires on the reg after you disconnect them from the reg. They should have continuity between them but NOT to ground. If that checks out then you can assume that the ground float is good. The battery is probably dead so if you use the other bike or a car with jumper cables it should start. Let the battery charge off the other vehicle for a while then take the cables off and check the DC voltage at the battery while it is running. Turn all your lights off while doing this. If the voltage just starts dropping, even when revving it up, then the reg is probably bad or the battery is junk. If you need to call my cell phone it is 760-533-5036 I am up late. Good luck. Tex@ Bajadesigns
  9. BT Mini

    309x Ron Wilson Spot link - Spy photo - Thank you

    Great job buddy. I am so stoked for you. Pheobe was watching over you!!! Tex
  10. BT Mini

    ATTENTION!!! 450X/250X Lighting Alert

    Well with the re-wound stator, the stator can deliver up to 17amps to the battery. If the battery is a little low and the lights get turned on the reg senses that the battery needs full available power from the stator so the 15amp fuse blows. We saw this happen to three bikes at the GH24hr. Also with dual HID's there can be an amp draw of up to 25 amps just for a millisecond, though that short time wont usually blow the fuse, We do run a 30amp fuse on the BD light harness for dual HID's.
  11. BT Mini

    ATTENTION!!! 450X/250X Lighting Alert

    If you are riding a 250X or 450X with a re-wound BD stator and regulator you must change the OEM fuse on the bike from a 15amp to a 25 amp. If dual HID's are turned on at the same time it can blow the 15amp stock fuse(not the fuse that comes with the BD harness) and keep the bike from charging the battery. If you know of anyone racing the 1000 please spread the word. The fuse is located under a rubber boot next to the starter relay. Left side of bike for a 450x and right side of bike for a 250X. I have had some people confuse the spare fuse that is visible as the main fuse. The spare is just pushed into a rubber slot to hold it. You must peel the rubber boot up to get to the main fuse. If you need help or have questions don't hesitate to call us. Tex
  12. BT Mini

    Baja Bikes - Post Your Ride

    02 CRF 450R Baja 1000 BBM was on this Bike also. I had a little get off that set us back.
  13. BT Mini

    Baja 8" race light wiring

    Are you running a halogen or HID? Single or double light? Rewound stator single or double output? Give me a call 760-560-2252 ext. 135 Tex@bajadesigns.com
  14. BT Mini

    Team Green at the 1000!!!

  15. BT Mini

    Team Green at the 1000!!!

    Maybe maybe not bajatex