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  1. Jared at 8 years old in 2006 the last day of the track at Renton Motorcycles
  2. I ready to replace the clutch plates and springs, my rider rides pretty hard, what brand would you guys recomend?
  3. My knees were bone on bone for so long that I became bow legged, now I am using the aftermarket ones from Valley Orthopedics, (2007 titanium and teflon model) and feel great, but I treat them with much respect.
  4. Washington

    Best place around is Barton MX, 360-539-7956, I take our bikes there for anything I don't do myself, great work and reasonable prices.
  5. Streaming on the laptop with hdmi cable connected to the 50" lcd screen.
  6. We'll be watching for you in Vegas!
  7. Supercross

    Maybe it was the big yellow banner behind that made him sad! "Tissue Jackwagon":smirk:
  8. My knee replacements set them off.
  9. Washington

    Great news!
  10. Washington

    He doin ok, Monday was back to school, he took last week off, he is not taking anything but tylenol for pain now and just a little of that, but he's bored to death, he can't wait to ride again, this will be only the second Mudslinger race we missed in 5 years. Good luck at the Dr today!
  11. Washington

    Dang Brian, hope they get this fixed soon for you, Jared is also off the bike for a while, he broke the tib & fib from a real hard landing at Toe's on Jan 29,
  12. Washington

    I f Sundays work for you try Mudslingers in Centralia, just off exit 88 from I-5, easy safe track, they have 2 races left of there 5 race winter series, #4 is tomorrow.