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  1. Wrex Everything

    Stripped my "main" oil drain bolt... or crankcase?

    Yeah, actually the reason I went back to this particular bolt is that the guide indicates that it requires a higher torque than all the others involved in an oil change. Tell you the truth, I didn't even torque on it that hard...
  2. I'm the proud owner of an '05 WR450, but I'm worried I may have inadvertenly hurt my machine while changing my oil. So... I change my oil and filter last night, fill 'er back up with Yamalube, then give a couple extra cranks on my main oil drain bolt (12mm bolt at bottom/rear corner of crankcase) to make sure it is nice and tight. As I'm doing this, the bolt starts to spin more freely, and so I think that I stripped it. I have not pulled the bolt out to inspect yet b/c this all occurred late last night, but what are the chances that I've actually stripped the female (crankcase) side threads and not just the bolt itself? If so, what type of recourse do I have to resolve this. Can you "re-tap" your crankcase? I'm worried now (sitting here at work), please give me a holler if you guys have any ideas/experience with this. Thanks.
  3. Wrex Everything

    '05 WR450F - Cracked Crankcase Assembly...NO!!!

    This DOES bring up a good point. Homeowners insurance would not work for me in this case, would it? You'd have to buy accident insurance for the bike SPECIFICALLY, right? Which brings me to my last question (for the time being): how much do you guys think this will run, "ballpark estimate"? Cases, Shift Shaft and Gaskets plus Labor? Has ANYBODY had to do a job like this specifically recently - what did it cost you? Thanks again...
  4. Wrex Everything

    '05 WR450F - Cracked Crankcase Assembly...NO!!!

    Thanks for the replies thus far guys. Yep, I'm bummed. But, sounds like it can be fixed - even if it needs to be fixed by a Yamaha Pro (read: spendy?). Two obvious questions (for a neophyte such as meself): First, (and I know this is asking for pure speculation) what's chances of the transmission being hammered vs. just the case and shift shaft? Second, can you just buy a short block (cases with all internals in place like in an auto) and bolt THAT up to the top end? "My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it." (Fast Times @ Ridgemont High)
  5. Wrex Everything

    '05 WR450F - Cracked Crankcase Assembly...NO!!!

    OK. See link below for the photos of the damage. Should have 2 of them there: http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?folder_id=1674234 Let me know if I did all this correctly. Thanks tons for the help and patience.
  6. Wrex Everything

    '05 WR450F - Cracked Crankcase Assembly...NO!!!

    Ok, so looks like I need the 2 case "halves", gaskets... also some transmission stuff? It looks like the shift shaft is what really did the damage to the case - acting as a lever in tandem with the shift pedal when it struck the rock. I will post the photos as mentioned above so there will be a visual... Thanks.
  7. Here is my sad, sad tale. Hopefully somebody at TT can help me at least figure out how sad it really is... I'm out for my 6th or 7th ride on my new '05 WR450 (less than 200 miles on it) and having a serious blast with my ridin' buddies. We're riding up this semi-steep, yet deep sandy climb. Near the top, I hit one of the only sizeable rocks on the whole climb and bucks me off. The bike squirts forward and hits the only other rock on the whole hillside. No kidding. Anyway, I go to pick up the bike and oil is GOUTING out from the crankcase area just adjacent to the shifter arm. Uh Oh. Anyway, we break the chain and tow back to the truck. Now, I've got a missing chunk of crankcase (about an inch diameter) just below where the shifter lever enters - it's as though the shifter lever torked DOWNWARD (think way overzelous downshift into 1st gear) and blew off part of the crankcase. How screwed am I? I can send pics to any gurus who might give some advice, but I'm not sure if I can post the pics here. Any advice or thoughts would be welcome.
  8. Wrex Everything

    05 Wr450

    Dude, you are gonna be stoked! Just got an '05 WR450 myself this weekend and I'm still grinning from that first ride!
  9. Wrex Everything

    "New" 2005 WR450ZF in CA or NV

    Ok, so I went and bought an '05 WR450F from Sierra Yamaha. $5,700 OTD and I cannot emphasize enough how cool and helpful the staff were up there. Joe, Rachel, Nicole, etc. were awesome - much different than what I have experienced so far in dealing with retail shops. If you are in Nor Cal or Nevada and you are in the market for new equipment DEFINITELY check 'em out. Also... if you're in the market (and somewhat inexperienced like myself), don't listen to the naysayers regarding the hostility of the WR450. I'm a brand "newbie" just off my mtn bike and was able to somewhat handle the 450 without any issues (with the free mods already done). Geometry-wise (mtb term?), it actually feels kinda SHORT compared to my mtn bike (I'm 6'2", about 205 lbs)! Thanks for the advice guys - I'm way stoked!
  10. Wrex Everything

    "New" 2005 WR450ZF in CA or NV

    Yeah, thanks guys. I'm headin' up there today... I'm gonna try for the outta state, no tax 5,800 OTD that was mentioned by our Oregon brethren. Keep y'all posted on my first moto purchase. Scary, scary...
  11. Wrex Everything

    "New" 2005 WR450ZF in CA or NV

    Thanks for the input. I've got a shop claiming 6G OTD, but I'm wondering if I can get your price ($5,800) here... hey, that's almost a helmet in savings...
  12. Wrex Everything

    "New" 2005 WR450ZF in CA or NV

    Not sure if this is appropriate forum for this question, but here goes: What would be an appropriate OTD price for a "new" '05 WR450f in CA or NV right now, and, how is availiblity on one of these right now out here on the west coast? Also, what's the story on sales tax for an out-of-state purchase (ie a NV resident buying a new bike in CA)? I heard from a local dealer (in NV) that often they won't charge CA sales tax to a NV resident? Thanks.