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  1. So I'm working on my co-workers 2002 RM125 that he picked up last summer for $500 - down the molehill we go. He asked me to fix it up on his dime, so I did all the normal stuff to the chassis, new tubes, replaced some spokes, new cables, repacked the silencer...blah blah etc. Now the problem - The engine has a mean stutter when riding it when it tries to come on the powerband - wont clean out and almost sounds like a misfire. Will clean out an run well when warm on the stand. Here's what I've done and checked: Nothing has worked. (FSM = factory service manual) -Head re-cut back to stock specs by Williams Moto Werx -New piston ring -Piston has 2~hrs on it -Cylinder measured in spec (End of spec it has a steel sleeve) on a CMM -Cleaned PV -New Boyesen Reeds -Cleaned carb -Jetted per FMF spec -Reset float height per FSM -New Plug -Verified PV is functioning -Re-set PV spring tension per FSM -New Airfilter -Brand new FMF Factory Fatty -Verified Electrical components (Coil, stator, kill switch) with multimeter and FSM I'm leaning towards a bad CDI box, or maybe slight chance of left side crank seal leak (All thats left to check lol). Anyone have any insights, sanity check, or a 2001-2007 RM125 CDI box laying around I can borrow to check bikes performance? Or that they want to sell?
  2. I have an 06 with '10 KX450F forks, and a slightly shortened shock. The forks were valved pretty close to YZ250 valving and done by Active-Ride. Best suspended bike I have ever ridden.
  3. Markopolo400

    looking for a 06/07 kx250 2-stroke

    Yep. I have DLC coated KX450F forks on my 06 250. All you need is a spacer for the top clamp as the OD of the fork in the upper clamping area is smaller 250 forks. The forks are also slightly longer, so keep that in mind when you set the fork height in the clamps. The shock will fit, but needs to be shortened to match the 250 eye to eye length. My 250 shock has been shortened an additional 10mm to improve the stink bug feel that the bike has stock.
  4. Markopolo400

    Gimme some '05 KX250 knowledge!

    Internally shorten the shock 10mm. Take care of the thing, frequent air filter and oil changes, and run enough oil in your gas and it will run a long time. I'm at 107hrs of B level MX on mine. 4th top end, stock bottom end, and clutch (Although the basket is getting notched). I'll never sell my 06.
  5. Markopolo400

    Northern MN

    Close. I am about an hour west of Baudette Should be easy to figure out with how little is up here lol. jcm2112, that place looks awesome! I will definitely try to get down there before the snow flies in a few months.
  6. Markopolo400

    Bone stock 2007 kx 250 after market pipe choices

    Stock pipe is by far and away the best choice for this engine. I have an 06, and I run a PC shorty silencer for two reasons. 1. The bike hits a little harder and comes on slightly sooner in the RPM range. 2. It doesnt stick out past the number plate (Which I HATE about the stock silencer.)
  7. Markopolo400

    Minnesota Northern MN

    I'm moving to northern MN later this week, any good Moto or trails nearby? I won't be far from the lake of the woods.
  8. Markopolo400

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    Is it purpose built for a KX250 or is it one from A 450? I did a little digging and it turns out the 450 shock is approx 14mm longer than our 250 shocks (and my 250 shock was shortened 10mm).
  9. Markopolo400

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    The ones I have were custom made. I can take some pictures/measurements when I have my forks off my bike this week. Also, has anyone put a newer gen 450 shock on a KX250? The anodizing in the body of my 06 shock is shot.
  10. Markopolo400

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    Yep it was me. 450 forks slid into my stock 06 clamps with a spacer around the fork legs in the stock clamps. Front wheel, and front break are the same.
  11. Markopolo400

    05 KX125 winter rebuild

    I'm going to steal the idea How much did they cost you?
  12. Markopolo400

    05 kx250 forks

    New KX450F forks will bolt up in stock clamps with a shim in the top 2-stroke clamp (I have them on my bike).
  13. Markopolo400

    05 KX125 winter rebuild

    Did it even need a rebuild?
  14. Markopolo400

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    Guess I should have looked harder lol. Thanks guys.
  15. Markopolo400

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    Anyone have one they dont want anymore, or know where I could get one for an 06 KX250? I can't find one anywhere!