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  1. Megaflow

    Dunlop D803 Trials Tire - WOW!

    I run a trials tire on my 450x. The tire works well in just about every condition but a little different in the sand washes. What I did was to buy a Michelin brand X11 that is a tubeless type but I run a heavy duty tube in it. The tubeless version has stiffer side walls and you don't run as much of a risk for pinch flats. I run around 11 psi in it and ride mostly so cal desert with lots of rocks I also have a Rekluse clutch and together with the trials tire it climbs just about anything. That combo makes it so a marginal rider can keep up with his buddies who are much better riders.
  2. I have an 04 F-250 4x4 with the 6.0. I raised mine 4.5" and put on 315/70-17 tires. I also changed the gearing in the front and rear axles to 4.30 gears. With the bigger 35" tires that brings the gear ratio back to where it was with stock tires. I also have an exhaust system and an Edge module. I tow a 26' Eclipse Attitude toy hauler with no problems. I have over 100,000 miles on it and about all I have had to do is I have replaced the alternator with a 200 amp ambulance alternator and I did have an exhaust leak at the Y pipe early on that was replaced. Other than that it is a nice truck. Oil changes are 14 quarts
  3. Megaflow

    450x with JD accelerator pump mod problem

    The way I looked at it was that I could break it in running lean, popping sputtering, smog choke probably running too hot and not running its best in stock form or I could jet it correctly, let it breathe intake and exhaust wise and break it in at a nice easy pace.
  4. Megaflow

    450x with JD accelerator pump mod problem

    I did some experimentation this afternoon by removing some the parts I installed concentrating mostly on the A/P mods. I removed the JD A/P diaphram and reinstalled the stock honda diaphram and it really helped the hesitation but it doesn't have the same roll on hit that it did using the JD diaphram. I left in the 65 leak jet and the thicker oring on the linkage. I will mess with it more tomorrow perhaps trying a the smaller leak 50 jet that was in the kit to see if I can get that roll on hit back with more fuel in the A/P circuit. I think that the entire A/P kit (meaning using all the parts) may have been too much for the mods that I did on the X model. The kit is listed for Honda 450 but doesnt make any distinction between the R and X model. It could also be that this engine needs to be broken in some since it only has 35 miles on it to enable it to smooth out the throttle response.
  5. Megaflow

    450x with JD accelerator pump mod problem

    The bog happens both when riding and when on the stand. Not as much when riding but still unacceptable. The odd thing is that my personal bike (450X) has the same mods except the JD accelerator pump kit (oring, diaphram, 65 leak jet) and it has no bog at all on the stand or on the trail. Although I do have an aftermarket accelerator pump cover but no oring and a stock leak jet. I have found a number of posts where people have the same problem with the bog but I have not found the cure on any posts.
  6. I seem to be lost on the jetting on a CRF450X that I am working on for a friend. Maybe someone can offer some advise. This is what I have done to it and what the problem is 2006 450X elevation 1200 feet 94 degrees out today bike has 35 miles on it before mods removed baffle from stock pipe jb welded the smog pump opened the top of the air box and the left side window Added JD jetting kit red needle w/165 main jet Added CRF;s only fuel screw at 1 1/4 turns out Added JD accelerator pump leak jet 65 and used thick oring, made sure gap was 2.6mm Used the accerator pump diaphram that is in the JD kit with the shorter button. changed the trans fluid installing a full quart checked and regapped the plug to spec What I am getting is that the bike starts up fine on the choke and when warm it will start up off the choke. If I rev the engine at a medium roll on it revs up fine. When I whack the thottle it gasps and then dies. I tried adjusting the screw but when I turn it in the engine idles fine but seems to die easier when giving it throttle. I have gone out up to 3 turns out on the aduster screw and not much difference. I think it is lean from the way it gasps before it dies and seems to be running hot. My personal bike is the same model but a 2005 with the same mods except the accelerator pump kit, leak jet and oring and it runs fine but the roll on throttle isnt as good so I am thinking my trouble is with the accelerator pump mod's. I would like to hear your comments.
  7. A friend of mine is a Ford Diesel Master Tech at Palm Springs Motors (a ford dealer) I drive there from Lake Elsinore because I trust his work. He is a mechanic not a parts changer like many of the dealership employees these days. He finds the problem and not just tries to swap parts chasing the symptom. I have an 04 F-250 CC 4x4 with the 6.0. I would highly recomend going there. Tell them you would like Ron their master tech to work on your truck. He goes the extra mile. He also posts quite a bit on Diesel stop. Recently he installed a head stud kit on mine as a precaution because I run an Edge/Juice module and have it lifted with large tires and regeared.
  8. Megaflow

    Beware of LA Honda

    Although the pink slip fiasco pissed me off I can say that LA Honda had the best price on the 2005 that I bought. The transaction went smooth and I was out the door quick. Them putting themselves as lienholder could have been handled several different ways. They could have told me first off that they were going to put their name as lien holder. or they could have held the dmv registration for 3 days for the locally drawn bank check to clear and then submit the registration. Im sure my paperwork didnt go to the DMV that day. I bet the check was cleared by the time the paperwork was mailed. The could have told me the deal was Cash only. Initially I had asked about using a credit card and the sales rep explained that there was a fee for a Credit Card. I said how about a check, he said no problem on a check. According to the title just under where the dealer signs it says you have to notify the DMV within 10 days of any lien holder change which I will do for two reasons rather than holding it till I sell the bike. First what if there was a paperwork flaw and 3 years down the road I have to deal with it and the dealer personnel have no recall of the transaction. That is more trouble than I want to hassle with. Second I want to try to street license the X and want the paperwork as clean and simple as possible when I try to run it through the DMV.
  9. Megaflow

    Beware of LA Honda

    I dont think I will have to pay tax again but I know I will have to pay the DMV fee and fight the crowd.
  10. Megaflow

    Beware of LA Honda

    I recently bought a 2005 450x from LA honda because they had the best out the door price. Transaction went smooth. I paid by personal check and took the bike home. About 30 days later I receive my green sticker and registration in the mail (but no pink slip). My name is listed first but I notice that LA Honda is also listed on the registration. I made a trip to the DMV and they verified that LA Honda was shown as lien holder. This is on a bike that I paid for. After 3 days of trying to get ahold of the DMV person at LA Honda they finally called me back. The lady tells me, "Oh didnt they tell you that we list ourselves as lien holder until the check clears". I told her this was never mentioned and I would have never agreed to it. Had I known I would have just ran to the bank and got the cash. Not that she cared. Needless to say I was quite pissed off. The kicker to this is that they dont automatically send you the pink slip, you have to call them to request it. If you dont they will hold onto it. They held my pink slip for 2 weeks before I called and requested it. Today I received the pink slip with LA Honda listed as lien holder with them releasing the title. They charged me $25 for DMV fees to that they could register my bike in their name. How Nice is that. Now I have to pay to have the title changed to remove the lien holder. Just beware that the best out the door price they advertise comes with conditions if you pay by check.
  11. Megaflow

    KLX 110 Big Bore Kits

    Maverick make the clutch kits. Magura makes the master cylinder/lever that is in the kit but all the mechanism inside the engine (which is the important part) and the hoses are all designed and made by Maverick Componants who sells to two bros, moto hp and others. Check out the label on the hose.
  12. Megaflow

    KLX 110 Big Bore Kits

    I went with MotoHP 150 kit and their oil cooler kit for my 110. I've been running it hard for about 6 months and it hasnt failed. The company that makes them is the company that designed the good hydraulic clutch kits, not the ones that leak that you see on ebay. http://www.hiraokaproducts.com/
  13. Megaflow

    Front Forks? 03 L

    I put KX250 forks on my 650R so I would imagine you can do it on an L with about the same parts. I used an RTT stabilizer/top clamp and an Emig KX lower clamp This is a picture of it http://community.webshots.com/photo/147385029/1147387488052500769czcabE
  14. Megaflow

    Hot start with Rekluse dual brakes

    I ordered a rekluse clutch with the dual brake set up and clutch override for my 450x. I need to relocate my hot start lever but all the aftermarket right hand hot start levers look like they will interfere with my starter button. What is everyone else using that has the dual brake set up on their 450X?